NE: Five ways the Switch could be made better

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Warhammer Online:The Review

Alright, so i managed to get myself a digital pre-order literally 2 hours before it was up, but was unable to play the game until the official release on the part that it took me 18 hours to download it. Pushing that aside and not letting i...


E V E Online, the review.. its epic i tells ya!

As most should know EVE is going on steam This means its getting a lot more popular and a lot more people are going to be interested to know exactly what EVE truly is. So i, a super hero by night a student by day, will take on this dauntin...


TF2 Weird Tutorials: Battle Medic, and i'm weird

I just randomly joined's server (i knew it exsisted, but i never saw it around) without realizing and screamed Battle Medic for about 10 minutes, and surprisingly i did a rather nice job of it. So with this just happening im...


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