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A couple of questions:

Stuff I've been wondering and figure someone may be able to help me with.

1) Is there any way to tell between a backwards compatible PS3 and one that isn't just off the specs? I've been running about auction websites, but I don't have the currency to buy and test every PS3 I find.

2)There is a download on the PS Store that says it gives backwards compatibility to PS3s with more than 40G memory. I have been told this is not the case. What does this do, and is there any way to get backwards compatibility on a newer PS3?

3) How do I change the publish date of an article? I did a monthly musings piece this month but it took forever to write, and it was published ten days before I finished it. I looked at the FAQs and such, but they all say to go to the edit post page, and I can't find the button or switch or knob or whatever it is.

4) Which are the superior christmas/holiday(circle your favorite) releases? I know it's largely a matter of opinion, but I'm curious.

Answer at your leisure.
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