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Ys VIII has had a ton of problems in the West ever since it launched. However, working with the publisher, hackerman Durante just released a massive technical overhaul for the Steam version - that even added co-op! And it's half off this weekend!


The official Devil May Cry Twitter has a video teasing announcements of something coming to the Devil May Cry 3 Switch release. The big days are Jan. 16th and 30th, and Feb. 13th. Website implies Style Switching, but those are good Direct dates too...


The past day in game news feels comprised of small announcements that could lead to big ones. I'm curious as to what the Pokemon Direct and inevitable PS5 presentations have in store, and I don't think Tencent loaning Platinum money is a big deal.


Happy new year! I'm staying up past midnight for the third night in a row because of bad habits. For 2020, let's try to take control of our lives. Draw up daily to-do lists and/or schedules, and cross off completed tasks. We have it in us, I'm sure of it!


Just finished watching The Mandalorian. It's the best thing to come out of Star Wars in a decade, represents everything good about the Expanded Universe, and you can tell the creators enjoyed making it. REALLY hope Season 2 isn't rushed or messed with.


Fight of Animals: Legend of the Strongest Creature is out now on Steam. It's, uh... yeah. It's based on memes. 6 fighters, more to come. BUT IT HAS GGPO, THOUGH!


Mistakes were made. I got too hype, I partied too hard, and I stayed up too late - for nothing. Time to pretend I'm alive for a day.


The Steam Game Festival, a digital Steam event where free demos for a bunch of games are available for 2 days, is on now. Personal highlights include the System Shock remake, Skatebird, Haven, Carrion, and Spiritfarer. I hope this becomes a thing.


Uuuhhhh... so, Honkai Impact 3rd, the mobile character action game I just started playing, is getting a PC port and a new "mode" next year. That mode adds: -The first male character -Revised team combo mechanics -JUMPING AND AIR COMBOS -AND SO -MUCH -MORE


Copy Kitty just got its big, maybe-final 3.2 update, and it's currently hovering around 6 bucks on Steam. The level/world/enemy/boss editor is included in the demo now, so y'all have the perfect chance to see what's up with this rad-as-heck game.


I've got a new phone and $15-worth of gift card money sitting around. What do?


My love for Twelve set aside, Gill is a great pick for Street Fighter V. Exudes style, really jives with the two V-Triggers, and a left-field pick in spite of story mode presence. Also of note: a parry not attached to a V-system. EDIT: It is. I'm blind.


From the twisted minds behind Fight of Gods, comes the next big poverty sensation: Fight of Animals.


I knew a Nintendo Direct was coming this week or next, but I didn't expect a 2019 Smash Direct. No announcements pertaining to unannounced characters? We'll see.


New Guilty Gear looks really freaking good, you guys. Also, we got gameplay. Shorter overall combos with higher damage, but a lot of Guilty Gear's signature mechanics are still present. Game gives you MUCH more information. Closed beta Spring 2020.


New house, new job hunt, and new post-Power Stone era (this time, with clarity!). Perfect time to reinvent myself! Uncle Arena Fighter has served me well, but my presence here has become far more diverse and weird than I envisioned. Here's to the future!


Article's up! In celebration of Sans in Smash (and Banjo I guess), I'm took a trip down memory lane to revisit Deltarune. Now if you'll excuse me, the garage sale was kind of a bust, but cleanup was easy and now I'm headed out to dinner! Happy trails!


My special article is going to have to come tomorrow, on my birthday. Normally I'd run myself ragged to get an FF out before midnight, but I have to get up at the crack of dawn tomorrow to host a garage sale. Sorry (even though it doesn't matter)!


…Aw hell, now's the perfect time for a Deltarune Freeware Friday, isn't it? Birthday week and everything. Man, everytime I think I'm out, they just pull me back in.


Astral Chain immediately feels nothing like any other Platinum game. Hey, uh, is anyone else picking up just a hint of Soulsborne from your officer's button layout?


What if there was a Pokemon game... but it was a metroidvania... and had a surprisingly sophisticated battle system that encouraged planning, preparedness, and player creativity? Meet Monster Sanctuary. #FreewareFriday #EndOfFreewareathonArc I'm @ bed.


Went to an EB Games to maybe get a copy of Control. Turns out, they're sold out of it for the entire region! Good on Remedy. I'll get to it a little later down the line.


This is an accurate summation of tonight's Freeware Friday. I've struck gold, and I'm happy to share.


Room is the cleanest it's ever been. Old house sold, new house bought. Moving for the first time within two months. Hope all is well. Also, thinking of making Freeware Fridays bi-weekly. Don't want to force myself or outstay my welcome.


Flame Hyenard's screaming and the average health of an X7 boss have been well-documented. But there's so much more madness to his fight! What's with all his clones and the giant, missile-launching robo-bull?! ...Anyways, Freeware Friday's up.


I don't finish projects late, I finish projects /late at night./ The second Freeware Friday is up, covering a character action-platformer emulating Megaman Zero, as well as its predecessor.


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