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DRM and PC BioShock!

As many of you are aware the PC version of Bioshock contains DRM 3rd party crap ware that limits you to install it 2 times. You can uninstall it which doesn’t always work to maybe get one of your installs back but good luck if your system c...


2 Free Halo 3 Action Figures!

In today’s Sunday paper I noticed the retail chain store Target is offering 2 free Halo 3 action figures for placing a $10.00 deposit on the preorder! The action figures are exclusive to Target and can be picked up on release day! There i...


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Hi, I'm an old school gamer who is growing older each year, thank god I still haven't out grown gaming...right? I have retained my passion for all things gaming related.

I’m a multi console lover who plays it all! My favorite flavor is FPS but am really interested in blending of genres. I’m a sick blend of old school meets future tech whore and I like it like that!

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