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WoW Servers Heads Explodes

Yea so Im just discovering from a friend and around the net that all across the WoW servers are crashing due to a simple exploit hack. So far my friend has discovered his penis after a half hour not playing WoW and Waahmbulance should be c...


DMC Movie??

Anyone remember last year bout some a fan made Devil May Cry live action movie coming about. Yea so whatever happen to it. It looked cool and shiot but any news of its whereabouts?????????



So I caught this site over at url]http://www.gizmodo.com/ and its a bunch of pics with drunken high robots getting made fun of. WHERES THE DESTRUCTOID BOT???? Anyhoot gang have fun with this!!! http://www.lolbots.com/


Whos With Me??

Dont you think its time for a new River City Ransom game to show up for this generation. Seriously, like a Xbox Live version update of RCR or something? One of the most coveted, UNDERRATED, sidescroller brawlers that gave the word *barf* ...


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