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Playing GTA V on the Xbox 360 in 2015


Support for last generation's consoles has started to wane now that newer consoles are available, but there is still a devoted fanbase for the Xbox 360. And why wouldn't there be? The Xbox 360 has a great library of games still available for players to enjoy. For example, let's consider GTA  V.

Yes, GTA V can be played on additional systems now, with improved graphics and a few more features. But does that mean the Xbox 360 version of GTA V isn't worth playing? Of course it doesn't. Take a look at GTA V's popularity--it captured gamers' hearts and imaginations all the way back when it released in 2013. That core game is no less enjoyable now than it was then.

Between single-player and multiplayer, there's a lot for you to do with GTA V on the Xbox 360. The single-player mode features a richly detailed open world, three protagonists to play as across the course of the story, and many activities to keep you occupied. When you finish the story or get tired of playing the game the way it's meant to be played, you can play around with cheat codes. GTA V is filled with cheat codes. There are GTA V cheats to spawn specific vehicles, cheats to gain temporary invincibility, cheats to change the in-game weather... with so many cheats, you can have a blast in GTA V single-player even if the impressive amount of single-player content becomes stale.

And when it comes to multiplayer, Grand Theft Auto Online is constantly being updated with new content, missions, and features. Enter Los Santos with players from around the world, and enjoy GTA V in a whole new way. While you'll have an incredible amount of options when it comes to GTA Online activities, take special note of the GTA Online Heists. These lengthy co-op missions let you and your friends plan and execute heists on a scope beyond anything else in the game. With GTA V and GTA Online still being supported on the Xbox 360, your GTA enjoyment won't run out for a long time.

So if you think there's no point in playing GTA V on the Xbox 360 anymore, think again. Between GTA cheats, online heists, and the great single-player content that made it a gaming phenomenon, the Xbox 360 version of GTA V is an excellent reason to keep your old system around.

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