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Hey I'm back+Viva la Leipzig!

Hi all, I just wanted to tell you that I'm back and I'll be writing new posts very soon. Sorry for the absence, which was due to personal stuff that took my time 100%, plus in the middle of August it's just normal to be more lazy than usual...


Why Nintendo consoles don't have good racing sims?

I was thinking about some of the games I'm missing having just one console (the Wii). You see, even though I'm still ok with having just the white box of joy, I'm always open to eventually buy another platform if I feel it's the case. So wh...


We're turning into spoiled brats.

We are. Let's admit it. I was thinking about this the other day, now I've found this article over the UK ONM Blog (LINK) and I just felt like posting what I though about this whole situation. After E3, like all of you, I was disappointed. I...


Pulcinella's secret

So, Red Steel 2 has been in development for months, huh? That's a kind of "announcement" I think we'll have to get used to. First, let me explain the title of this post: in Italian is an expression meaning a "secret" that in reality was alr...


FFTA2=state of the industry

I'm playing FFTA2 in every free minute I have, I really like playing it. I loved FFTA to death on the glorious GBA SP and I finished all the missions plus the special Judge missions for a total of more that 120 gameplay hours. So playing an...


Let's move on, shall we?

Ok, now that we're finally done with E3, let's wrap the things up and move on with our gaming lives. The whole show was a letdown, I think we all got a bit carried away and thought this year's expo would be more similar to the good old days...


It seems I got it right (sort of)

I was reading a Myiamoto interview on msnbc and I found this interesting part: "I think that there’s probably one other element to it, and that’s that our view of how we use E3 has changed. For a very long time, E3 was an event where ...



Like I said in my previous post maybe I can offer a different point of view to you all. You see, I have to admit I have a very particular taste in gaming, as I don't care about FF "main" series but I can't stop playing FFTA2 on my DS. I pla...


First post!(lol) quick thoughts about Nintendo's E3

Hi everyone, new "destructoider" here Tyrian3, 25 guy from Italy at the keyboard. This is my first post ever and I'm new to this blog thingy, but since most of the people here is American or Anglosaxon in general (hi brits and all the comra...


About Tyrian3one of us since 7:41 AM on 07.17.2008

Hi there, I'm Tyrian3 from Italy and I'll write whatever comes to my mind about gaming. I'm a 25 year old guy, gamer since I was 5: I'm mainly a Nintendo games lover but I always look to every game with the same passion, then just play what best suits my gaming needs. I hope to offer you a different point of view, since I consider myself an experienced gamer with unusual tastes: I love Metal Gear Solid and Resident Evil as well as Pokemon and Nintendogs. Is this strange? I don't know, but I hope you'll find my posts interesting. Thanks for reading and please comment my posts! Constructive criticism is always welcome! Friends are even more welcome :) PS: If all goes well I'll make my blog less ugly...have patience :P

Consoles owned: NES,SNES,PS2,N64,GBA,NDS,PSP,NGC,X360,Wii.

Favourite games of all time: Super Mario World, Super Mario Bros 3, Zelda ALttP, Resident Evil 4, Final Fantasy Tactics Advance, Metal Gear Solid, Command&Conquer Red Alert-Tiberian Sun, Civilization 2-Civilization 3, Phoenix Wright AA: Trials and Tribulations,Winning Eleven 6 Final Evolution, Metroid Prime,Quake, Tyrian, Grand Theft Auto (yes, the very first one, before you could do hookers and then kill them).

What I don't like: Halo, Gears of War, Final Fantasy X-2 (list will be updated)

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