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We want Winter on the Wii!

Oh boy, lots of "w" there! But seriously, there's a problem that needs everybody's attention here.

As a Wii owner, I was very happy for receiving lots of great titles, such as Metroid Prime 3, Resident Evil 4 Wii edition, Brawl plus some unexpected hits like Tatsunoko vs Capcom (if you can play import, buy it!!). There are lots of other games I enjoy in the Wii library that aren't necessairly hardcore, as a matter of fact i still play Wii Sports a lot, because in the end a good game is a good game, core or casual or whatever it is. But it's undeniable that there's an awful lot of shovelware on the system, and that the latter lacks in particular genres i.e. driving simulation. And no, even though Mario Kart Wii is fantastically funny, particularly in multiplayer, it's not a driving simulation...unless you drive like that in real life, and that's your own problem :P

In general we can say that there are very few "adult-themed" games on the Wii, and that's true. Like it's true that thankfully help is on the way. 2009 will finally the year when games like Deadly Creatures (Rainbow Studios/THQ), The Conduit (High Voltage Software/Sega) and Madworld (Platinum Games/Sega) will hit store shelves, and we have more to look forward to, like the promising Cursed Mountain (Sproing Interactive/Deep Silver). So just when we finally start to get more mature games on our little white box of joy, and hope starts to flow like a river in our hearts, we get a news piece that says "look, there's this game, it looks great and it's a horror game with a very good atmosphere. It's from N-space and it's called Winter. But guess what? Nobody wants to publish it!".

That's right, they say justice isn't something of this world and they're f-ing right, since garbage like Cruis'n gets easily published by Midway (and someone still wonders why they're in trouble) and what could be a very solid game like Winter gets the same old excuse: "there isn't a market for that on the Wii".
Yeah, infact Resident Evil 4 Wii edition and Umbrella Chronicles becoming million sellers on the system, despite being respectively an updated port of a GC game and a light-gun shooter: that's not to detract from them, they were both well developed titles and all, but I want to underline the fact that if they had success a full fledged, new horror adventure game could do even better than that. Even if it's not called "resident evil".

So, this shameful news has of course gathered the attention of important gaming media such as Gonintendo and IGN. There's the usual online petition you can sign but more importantly there are people who can make their voice heard and it's you and me. Of course, other guys like RMC and Matt Cassamassina are good intelligent people whose voice can be more loud and be heard more clearly by the publilshers, but if it is just them it's not going to be enough. I for one am glad to be a twenty-five years old Wii gamer, that can enjoy titles from the casual or the core market (because it's just that, a matter or markets, not gamers), and I know what I like. I've seen the pictures, I've seen the video and I'd definitely pick this one up on day one, if it manages to make it to the shelves of my local Gamestop. Hell, I'd even buy it online ;)

So take a look at the pics and video and decide yourself if you'd want it or not. But if you do, please join us and let's once again get our voice heard. When we did, we got great stuff, like Megaman 9 and we're about to get Street Fighter IV. We are the gamers, we don't stand still waiting for things to drop from the sky, we are smart people who think with their head and make their call.

Screenshots, videos and developer interview at IGN Wii

PS: If there are errors, typos etc please let me know in the comments so I can correct them. I'm kind of an impulse writer hehe!
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