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OFFICIAL:Disaster DoC in Europe on 24/10/08

That's right my friends...I was talking about this in my last post and BAM here it is the official confirmation that indeed the rumours were true. Disaster day of crisis IS coming, and it's coming in Europe on the 28th of October of this year. We don't know about an American release date yet, but I'm sure we'll hear about it soon, like it happened with MarioRPG on the Virtual Console (everybody complaining but in the end the game arrived just one week later).
It's not my job to post press releases, but if you want you can check it out here.

So, how do you feel about it?

Personally, I'm half happy and half pissed off. Because I can't believe Nintendo isn't hyping this game like crazy, especially after the lacklustre E3 they had. Since then everybody started talking about the lack of "hardcore" games on the Wii (even me, to some extent) so if I was in Nintendo's shoes I'd take Disaster and shove it in our faces saying "see? we ARE giving you more hardcore titles, stop whining b*tches!". Instead, the news comes out by itself...first the rating comes out, then rumours start flowing around and then the confirmation via press release.

What's wrong with you guys? Is somebody in your marketing department sick at home, so you can do just the bare minimum until he/she comes back?

I can understand a strategy of creating hype on a short term, that can be good for many games but for Heavens'sake guys you can't just whisper the news that you should trumpet all around the globe! First Pikmin 3, now this. What's next, a 30 minutes teaser on Animal Crossing and then somebody says "ohbythewayzeldawithmotionplusin2009" with a quick, whispering voice so none of the 3 or 4 people not yet asleep can wonder "what the f*ck did he say?"

Now I know your strategy, in the latest years, have always seemed crazy and have always worked wonderfully. I wish you this one works aswell. But now we need A LOT of info about Disaster because we don't know much about the game. And by info I mean give the damn preview code to the most important reviewers out there (in particular Dtoid :) ) so I can read something in detail about how the game plays.

You know what to do Ninty, and the countdown has started. 24/10/08 here we come.
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