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Megaman 9 is THAT good!

Hello there, Dtoiders, nice to see you again after this long break I had to take (serious personal stuff, sadly...) and what better topic to come back here than Megaman 9. Since we are on Destructoid, "the hardcore gamer community", this game needs no introduction to you and infact you're reading this while taking a break from playing it after falling in one of Tornado Man's stage pits for the 19th time in a row. Damn you, spinning platforms!

I was ecstatic when it was announced, and whilst a lot of people complained about the 8-bit style I couldn't be happier...heck, I can't even count the number of times I had to stop a conversation because I was tired of people whining about the game's retro looks. I personally like the NES-style waaaaaaaaay more than the SNES one so maybe Capcom could release a new 16-bit Megaman in the future but MM9 is really what I've always wanted. Plus, I played Megaman powered up on the PSP and even though it's a very nice game and the ability to play as the master robots is really cool I just couldn't relate to the new cute-cartoonish look the way I related to the classic 80s and early 90s titles.

So it is finally out now and it's the first game in a long time that had me really rush home to play it...not even brawl made me feel this way. And it was well worth it! I immediately started with Splash Woman's stage because finally there's a female robot master: even if her stage isn't that great I think this is something Capcom should have done years ago, to add some freshness when the bosses started becoming pretty lame.
My favourite game in the series is MM3 so I'm sad to see the sliding isn't available, but I'm glad the charged shot isn't aswell...for me it kind of ruined the classic strategy or "run and gun", so to speak, making it "charge run and gun". I always tried to have my blaster fully charged all the time to fire a more powerful beam and it became distracting and useless. Of course, it's basically my fault and I admit it, but I feel better not having it altogether for some reason :P Maybe is also because when I was a child I only played 1 2 and 3 so the charged shot, which was first introduced in MM4, isn't as familiar to me as the old manoeuvers.

I bought the game on Saturday, and I've been playing it pretty much every day, around a couple of hours each day. I'm trying not to overdo it because on one hand I'm an experienced player who knows that dying time and time again is just what leads you to better knowledge of the levels and enemies, therefore to victory; on the other hand, dying so many times for ill-timed jumps, twirling platform, strong wind and that damned flaming dragon more often leads you to make your own compilation of the most awful swearing and profanities, register it in mp3 format tracks, burn them on multiple CDs and play them while you play just to remember you've got to beat this game because it was made by satan himself and it must be defeated at the cost of your own life. The real one. The one where E-tanks don't exist.

I've beaten the 8 robot masters and I'm at Wily's castle stage 1, without having used one single E-tank (not even the one I got in Plug Man's stage). Remeber, E-tanks are for pussies! Kids, stay in school and don't do E-tanks! LOL
Seriously, thre's nothing wrong in using them, but if you need them before Wily's Castle you should practice more. And you're a pussy.
As you already know, the game is hard, but the first 8 stages aren't by any mean impossible, they just require some hard work. Tornado Man's one was pretty difficult to beat, Hornet Man's and Plug Man's gave me some troubles but nothing really exceeded what I was expecting from this sucker. Now that I'm at Wily's I think I'll encounter the brutal levels, as it usually is...I remember the new bosses in MM3, when you had to go through the more difficult versions of 4 levels and fight the 8 robots from the previous game, then fight Break Man and THEN going to Wily's castle. In this sense Megaman 9 seems even a bit short, but I bet it'll take me some time before I'll get to Dr. Wily himself :)

For what I've played thus far, this game kicks every kind of ass there is to kick, and I really hope its success starts a trend. Now that we have WiiWare, XBLA and PSN we should see titles like this more often not just as fanservice for us "old timers", but mostly to remind everyone that great games aren't defined by tech and gfx only, on the contrary it's not rare to see titles where the awesome techical side covers the big defects in critical areas such as gameplay. Megaman 9 isn't that good because of fancy graphics but manages to be a great game with a 20 years old style technology...I'd love to see how many other games coud do that!

I'm out for now, and by the way check out my three "Games I'd love to see pull a Megaman 9" articles here (part 1), here (part 2) and here (part 3) because the last two entries are coming and they're very good games. Oh, are they good!

PS: Can't wait to get the Proto Man DLC :)
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