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Mirror's Edge Flips Enemies the Bird

There I was trying to beat some of those impossible time trials on the Mirror’s Edge demo, and I was getting properly frustrated. After about 20 minutes of trying to perfect a line through the game I just started to jump off buildings whi...


New King of Games Shirts: Kid Icarus FTW!

King of Games is hands down the best video games apparel resource in the world. They are the only line of clothing that I can think of that actually blends style and games enthusiasm in to a perfect mixture of chic yet hardcore casual wea...


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Professionally, I write David Hasselhoff's Tweets.

Off the clock, I like FPSs (I know, sorry) and time-intensive western RPGs. I'm a sucker for anything retro and am in desperate need of computer that can play newer games. I trust Valve implicitly and think that if they could just remake Portal forever I would be okay with that.


I'm super friendly and think sitting in a wood-paneled bar and bullshitting about 80's movies and why Battlefield is superior to Call of Duty is pretty much the best thing ever.

Viva DToid L.A.!


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