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MurderBoss, my LD25 entry.

Play the game here!

Last weekend I teamed up with my friends Manic Maverick and Pankin to create a game in 72 hours for the 25th Ludum Dare game jam. I've never entered before, and finishing the game was a pretty big achievement. It is currently the biggest game programming project I've ever completed.

The game we came up with is meant to invoke the feeling of the obscenely over-powered game villains that you'd see in 90s arcade games, except in this game you are the villain. The game elements that reflect this include your projectiles that pass through game terrain, your high damage output, and the fact that colliding with an enemy bullet causes you to lose a single pixel of life from your health bar.

It's not terribly complex, but I think we managed to squeeze in a fair bit of charm. Upon depleting an enemy's lives their HUD turns in to a Continue timer, and both of my teammates came up with excellent art and music assets. The player's claw attack looks especially cool.

The game is far from perfect, though. Enemy AI is nonexistent as they merely walk left and right, pausing only to fire. Targeting is pretty poor, and there's a bug where enemies will spawn multiple copies of themselves when they come back to life.

Making a game that intentionally embodied frustrating boss fights may not win me all of the fans, but I'm thrilled with what we made in a limited amount of time. I hope you will play it and give it a rating, as it would mean a lot to me and my teammates.
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