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The Awful Year In Review: 2007 Edition

Nothing much happened this year. Well that is to say many things happened, just none of them particularly good.

Over the last twelve months I have:

Said goodbye to one of my best friends after finding out that we weren't really that good of friends after all.

Learned that my Aunt, my father's sister and the only member of his family that I have ever spoken to, is going to die of cancer in the matter of a few short weeks. I've never really gotten to know her. But I dearly love her. I will miss her terribly.

Gotten shitted on and spat at by people who are the mental equivalent of high school age stoners (I'M SOOOOOO HIIIIIIIIGH!) And had to stand by while they ran their self congratulating, verbal diarrhea all over hell's half acre. Very hard lesson there. A lesson that I will not repeat.

Watched my wife's sister pull some of the most passive-aggressive family puppetry that I've ever witnessed. All in the name of "getting back" at A. for things that happened when they were eleven years old.

Had my every bodily orifice stuffed full of the bank's seeming endless supply of financial dicks. No more of this, thank you very much. I've had enough.

uff... such negativity in my family right now.

Still there is good stuff.

I've met some very cool people this year. Much more along the lines of my "mental age", no more high school games thank you very much.

Moved into a nice new corner office with floor to ceiling windows! Hello VIEW!

Actually managed to save up some cashish toward the end of the year.

The new house is going to be fan-freakin-tastic!


I've done several independent designs for shirts and am currently working on a website redesign for a friend.

I've got art access to the ceramics lab again. YES!

And I'll soon have my studio set up - painting will be occurring.

Mostly it's looking like 2008 will be starting up with a roar and a bang. After this terrible, horrible, no good, very bad year it had better.

It owes me.

You hear that 2008. I got my eye on you.
Don't disappoint me. There's been enough of that lately.
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