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Could Killzone 2 be Sony's big online game? It might be for me.

I own all 3 systems (the Wii is collecting dust, and let us never speak of it again) but I really only get a lot of play out of my 360; usually cause an online game hooks me. Left 4 Dead has hooked me for a bit now, and before that Halo (and I still play Halo nearly everyday... level 50 General. Wooo.)

I keep trying to find a PS3 game online that I'll really get "hooked" into, and so far they've all been solid but just haven't done it.

Warhawk is awesome. But nobody ever talks, and it really is lacking because you really aren't a team, just a well armed mob. I love the flying and I love the basic gameplay (even though the auto aim is way to over done) but it just didn't do it for me.

Resistance 2 was great online initially. The co-op was alright for me, though that wasn't really what I was looking for. The actual V.S. modes were amazing at first, with 59 other people flooding the battlefield, but battles were much too chaotic (except for skirmish where they actually split everyone up and had big 30 on 30 events, that was awesome,) but the core gameplay never grabbed me. Felt too... not fast, but too something. Just couldn't get into it.

Metal Gear Online... I never even got to try. I never figured out the whole Konami ID thing and after 5 minutes I stopped caring. Everyone seems to always put it down though... don't think I missed much.

Socom: Confrontation; I picked it up (with that fantastic headset) and... well that headset is really nice. I was put off initially by the glitchy-ness of when it first came out. Now it's just cause I get frustrated way too easy. Socom however, unlike 99% of every other game I've played online on the PS3, people were talking. A lot! And it's awesome. But the you get shot and die and sit for 10 minutes sometimes can get on ones nerves, that and being unable to effectively just jump in for a quick match really hampered the enjoyability for me.

And here we are with Killzone 2. For the record, I despised the original Killzone. It seemed like the smooth animation came at the expense of gameplay and horrible glitchy-ness (at times). A game being touted as the Halo killer at the time certainly didn't impress me very much at all, though the PSP version I loved if that helps.

Anywho, Killzone 2 has had 6 MONTHS of extra polish added on to it. I'm not expecting a terrible amount from the single player portion, but I sure hope they deliver as far as multiplayer is concerned, if it is anything like the video below...

That looks AWESOME. I mean... just WOW. Most of the Beta vids I've seen have been fairly impressive so far, so I have high hopes. The class system seems deep (and gives you a reason to keep playing ala Call of Duty 4) and the clan support sure sounds insane and should keep me connected with plenty of people that actually talk. And that whole clan betting points system thing... it just all sounds so cool.

I'm really only worried about a small thing. The lack of the cover system has kind of bummed me out for awhile. Though, making it more fast paced might not be too bad, and just because it's "faster" doesn't necessarily mean it's more mindless. I'll have to wait and see if that's really even worth getting upset about.

Either way it sure looks like Killzone 2 is on track to be a monster hit for Sony, hopefully the multiplayer can keep up with the big boys and grab everyone like I hope it does. Here's to hoping.
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