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The Incredible Hulk Movie Review

First off let me say I came to this movie expecting it to be better than the original and what I got was much more better than the original and it was worth the $9 I payed for the movie ticket. I will review the movie in sections with my Triple A method : Acting, Action and Awesomeness. I am going to add a few epic spoilers near the bottom, so you can read on but the very bottom will be marked with spoilers of the epic sort.

Let me say that I was surprised how good of a job Edward Norton pulling off Bruce Banner, he really got his personality down. The movie did a fairly good job on delivering in the acting department but in the style department I'd have to say that Iron Man tops it in style. Don't get me wrong I love the whole style of the movie, but I'd say Stark has a much better personality than Banner (alter-ego is a different story). The actor playing Blonksy (Abomination) really fit the villain mood, he wasn't too evil but he was a big enough dick. But thing is it had too much Banner when it should have had more Hulk.

The Action is great, it's just beautiful. I mean sure it is full of CGI, but how else can you make a ten foot green beast rip a police car in half and use them as boxing gloves to deliver a beating to Abomination. Which leads me to him fighting Abomination, Hulk was incredible (pun not intended) when fighting him, at the end their was a big epic battle between the two that was just jaw dropping. Hulk fighting the army was pretty cool, that's when you really get to see how powerful he is, little army men are no match for the Hulk and most of the time he fights the army, but they are still good action scenes.

Man oh man did they ever reach for nostalgia when they made this movie! Lou Ferrigno makes an appearance in the movie and the whole crowd clapped for him, but not only does he make an appearance he delivers the voice of the Hulk when the Hulk gives out a mighty..."HULK SMAAAAASH!!!" Paul Soles makes an appearance and I just found out he is the man who did the voice of Bruce Banner on the 60's cartoon show (also Spider Man in the Spider Man show). What really got the crowd going was when Banner was taking a slow walk and it started playing the slow walking tune from the show. Also they had to make a reference to the Hulk's classic purple pants, when he ran away with Betty Ross she went to buy some things and she got him the only pair of extra stretchy pants she could find and they were purple, too bad he didn't put them on though.

So let's re-cap.
-Good action scenes
-very nostalgic
-good choice of actors

-Not enough action
-Too much Banner, not enough Hulk
-Very CGI animated Hulk

I give it an 8.5/10
I say go watch it, it will be worth your time!

Really Epic spoilers in the first comment by me. They don't involve the plot, but would be better if you were amazed when you see it in theater.
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