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Xbox 360 GOTY I do not concur.

Hai guys Happy New Years yay. Not to my rants.Why is everyone hating on Halo 3 and, saying omgwtfabbq Bioshocks is best game evar!? I definatly do not agree. Bioschock was a great ride but only while it lasted. I can not replay the storyline anymore. It is so tedious. Don't get me wrong I was obsesed with Bioshock when I first came out. I beat it like ten times. I also beat the demo like ten times. Now its just dull. Freeze hit for a splicer, or lay 10 zap bolts for the Big Daddy. I just can't play it anyomore. On the other hand I will be playing the Haloz for the next four or five years. The co-op and multiplayer are great. My freinds and I play it every other day. Something that adds replayability to Halo is the addition of downloadable content. Three months after launch we have downloadable content and they are already making more, Well I guess that is all for now. Thoughts would be appriciated.

Happy New Years,

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