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Bethesda: the half finished story.

Hello folks, This will be my first ever blog here on the fine website that is D-toid. Iím a little new to this sorta dealy, so please bear with me, and donít be too barbaric in the comments for now! (At least wait Ďtil Iíve posted some rea...


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Hi all,

Names' Rob although I go by many names...some call me dream-weaver others the bringer of nightmares..some just call me Rob though. Which is also fine.

Little about me love Fallout - like super love that noise. Been a fan since F3 and have researched the preceeding canon etc further becuase i found it oh! so satisfying. Love Red dead redemption, even the zombie one, Big FIFA fan, Soul Cal's. just for shits, Love the retro too however, Tekken 1-4, Spyro, Crash Bandicoot series1-3, Mario Bro's, Pokemon on the good ol' fashioned GBA, Fighting Force 2, Super Smash Bros' Melee and Brawl, Gta's 1-IV (and all the spin-off between!), Assasins' Creed, Enter The Matrix, Saint's Row series, Tony Hawk's (there hasn't been too many bad ones of them), Rachet & Clank, Jak & Dexter, Crazy Taxi, The Getaway Series, Freedom Fighters, GOW 1-3, Medal of Honor's, True Crime; Streets of New York, Killzone 2, L.A. Noire ETC. ETC.

...but thats enough of that, I'm a bit new to d-toid, well extremely new, got in 'through the back door' as it were having become a fan of the awesome podtoid. Hope you enjoy this blog, i don't do too many reviews (as i'm just a claims handler, not a game reviewer!!) but will try to post the occasional interesting blog here, there and maybe everywhere.

happy following !