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About Turd Burglin Chodeo Clownone of us since 12:09 PM on 02.07.2010

When I was a wee laddy - prancin' aboot with my Power Ranger underoos; not a demoman impression to the first bit of my Destructoid Bio - my dad and I used to play Wolfenstein 3d and Duke Nukem on weekends and when he had free time (well, it was more "he played and I co-piloted"-BUT I WAS JUST GETTING A GRASP ON THE WHOLE "DON'T LOOSE THE DEUCE IN SAID UNDEROOS" CONCEPT, SO GIVE ME A F**KING BREAK!). Then (at the grizzled old age of 3) I got my own Playstation. So I've literally been mashing buttons for as long as I can remember.

But enough about the fetching undergarments and incontinence of the past, you came here to see how the clown be livin' in the present. As of this writing (and for years to come) I've got monstrous chubs for pretty much anything with "Valve" on it, and the "Halo" and "Smash Brother's" serii (like "series", but with more "trying to sound clever") have provided me and mine more hours of fun than I'd like to think about before I can legally drink. The "Battlefield" and "Sims" games are retarded boss as well. Right now, I'm all up on "Halo: Reach" (if there's one thing I'm about, it's breaking away from the pack), Dead Rising 2 (because my life just did not have anywhere near enough stress as-is) "Left 4 Dead 2" (I'm pretty sure Valve blew their load of decent mutations right out of the gate), and "Team Fortress 2"(KABEEEEEWM!).