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Wait, so the auto run feature in Switch games is actually just a defect? I was wondering why the auto run only worked in two directions...


Digital Foundry's coverage of Ultimate Alliance 3 and its performance.


As much as I'm loving FFXIV, there were a couple of moments that hearkened back to the Organization in KH and I was filled with gamer rage.I'll never forgive Square Enix for the trainwreck of an overarching narrative that was Kingdom Hearts Vent mode o


Me, as a kid: I don't want to build that Gundam! Me, as an adult: Oh, that's not a kit...


Slowly, but surely getting more into FFXIV. Just finished the 2.0 MSQ. Can't wait to finally get to Heavensward. Gonna be awhile until I join everyone in the Shadowbringers fanfest. That said, I just got a used Logitech G13 and it's amazing.


When you sneak protein powder into your Miqo'te's water.


Hooooollly shit, fuck whoever decided it was a good idea to cap the FPS in FFXIV Shadowbringers. I used to get 144fps and now I'm at 90 max on my desktop. My laptop? This update breaks the game and I can't even run it without downgrading to dx9 (Windowed)


With the latest FFXIV expansion upon us, I think it's important for the Gunbreakers and future Gunbreakers among us understand the rich history of the gunsword.


That ghost knight in Bloodstained seriously sounds like Zangief when you kill it.


If it weren't for PC Game Pass, I never would've discovered this gem. It's by Adult Swim and I somehow hadn't heard of it. It's a rougelike where you're controlling a simulated OS. It feels very classic PC RPG. Reminds me of Winged Warrior & Quest Creator


I'm mildly disappointed that I have yet to see a video of Bethesda E3 Woo Guy's wailing swapped with the Sekiro Woo Guy's wailing.


It seems that Outer Worlds isn't exactly Epic Game Store exclusive anymore thanks to PC Game Pass. Neat. Also, I love game pass.


Can't wait to watch Nichijou all over again and in English


Welp, looks like the FromSoft x George R.R. Martin is happening. I certainly wouldn't expect Vaati to come out and confirm it if it weren't completely true.


For Mother's Day, I made my mom some spiced wine. *Recipe from the Elder Scrolls cook book *cough* Came out great, and I don't even like red wine


Just tried out Cytus α on Switch and it was a glorious experience. First time I actually tried a rhythm game Vs mode. Got a 99% and still lost. Lovely!


If anyone is interested in buying a Mini-ITX form factor GTX 1080, let me know. I have a listing currently up (with a small bit of proceeds going to charity) and would be willing to make a small discount to a Dtoider.


Starting to get into FFXIV. Chose a tank class for the first time in any MMO. It felt really good to get a commendation from the whole team after that last dungeon. Lvl 27 Gladiator atm.


Finally beat Sekiro... That final boss fight was the toughest time I've had in any Souls game, but I can finally rest.


Funimation with the desperate measures when I was trying to unsubscribe. (It worked anyways)


After my last play session, Sekiro might be on its way to becoming my favorite game ever. Here's a silly video I found.


Pretty crazy that if I said on this day a few years ago, "Activision will publish a FromSoft title but show FromSoft absolute respect for their craft and let them make another top tier game without any shenanigans" many would say "nice April fool's joke."


Can we just talk about that Mecha ending in Sekiro? Don't toy with my emotions FromSoft!


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