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Destructoid Furries. Come up onto me. I love you and want to see your OC.


Is there a Dtoid Destiny 2 clan? I wanna do raids but it's too difficult to co-ordinate with internet random.


Still thinking about Brian Crecentes Hair Palace


There are many things bad and terrible about Fallout 1st. The only thing that needs to be seen is the dollar store NCR armour. DIP INTO THE BEST GAME IN THE SERIES THAT YOU DIDNT MAKE BEYOND A PREPOSTEROUS PAYWALL. Hell yeah Bethesda.


Bethesda gone lost their damn minds. Why the hell would it seem to reasonable to charge people $100 to play Fallout 76, alone? You do that already. The fuck is that hundo getting you? Just give a New Vegas remaster so I can be forever done with you.


Such a shame that the concept of dubstep died of brutally explosive diahorrea. RIP dubstep. Truly, no one called 911.


My kink? Sci fi/space opera movies where everyone is extra as hell for no reason.


Zelda games generally bounce off me but this Links Awakening is actually sticking. Maybe I will enjoy the not-3D Zeldas.


I know there are a lot of Americanos on this site. The rest of the world lets a lot of things slide but you gotta admit two things: 1) It's pronounced sea-ga not say-ga 2) MegaDrive is a way better name than Genesis.


Just workshopping jokes and was wondering if anyone did one on Sekiro? Like...how it's called Shadows Die Twice but you die a few more times than that?


I do not know who amongst you needs to hear this, but never go looking for Mr. Eaten' name.


Come. Drink with me. Play Borderlands 3. Doing both of those right nooooowwwww!


Dream Daddy on mobile. Get that business homey. Love me some Dream Daddy.


Neon Genesis is out on Netflix. Remember: Asuka is best girl and there is no adequate debate otherwise.


Wanted to play Fallout so i got 76. That made me want to play 4 which in turn made me want to play New Vegas. All roads lead back to New Vegas eventually.


I decided that I would give Fallout 76 a whirl seeing as it was going for $9. Anyone else playing and would like to team up?


I've heard there may be a new Fable? And like...its about time? How did that lapse? Oh yeah...molyneux.


I'm feeling it. I'm feeling a Mother 3 announcement. Based on no reason whatsoever. It'sa coming.


I have never played a DMC game and am currently trying the V demo. Are they all this slow? It seems a bit of a step down from Bayonetta.


It's 2019 and we are out here listening to the Best Jackson.


I played No Mans sky for one day when I first bought it and never touched it again. Have they updated that business? Is it cool and rad?


Man. Rage 2 is just gonna be like this the whole way through, huh? Pretty boring.


Gonna be a little bit selfish here and say that I am personally stoked that in the space of 24 hours 2 of the worst guest characters on the C-Team have managed to remove themselves.


I love Borderlands and all, but you know there where will be an arena presided over by a king wherein you must fight 100 opponents. Calling it now.


Borderlands is the game where I came to trust Jim Sterling's judgement and taste in games. The series will always be linked to my fondest memories of Destructoid in this way. I was never a fan of shooters but Borderlands was always so satisfying.


I should get Sekiro *smash cut to my inability to defeat Cleric beast or Asylum beast or finish Hollow Knight* Mmm...maybe not.


So Evangelion got a release date for Netflix today. Cool. Fine. Did you know they changed the voice actors though?


Yo, they put Trials on the Switch. The absolute madmen. Love that shit, needed to be mobile since forever.


Everyone is going to dunk on the Stadia with calling it the Ouya 2.0. Look. I kick started the Ouya and it got a bad rap, so let me just say that it really did suck far more ass than you will ever know. So...yeah. Oh, and Google can eat a dick.


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