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Tubaticisms 11-06-09: I like videogames, shortblog edition


-Dragon Age: Origins is grand. If you've ever had any connection to D&D or fantasy storytelling, this is where its at. Frankly, the best things about Dragon Age, its story and its character building, are going to ring true no matter what platform you choose. I'm about 8 hours in, and I'm thoroughly impressed and entertained.

- I've realized again that I'm a HUGE GTA fan. There's something about following all of the modern games that's been a real treat for me. I'll try to give that idea some flesh soon. They're not perfect games or narratives, but there's something really special about that series, beyond over publicized sexuality and its open approach to violence.

- STFUAJPG. It seems like it needs to be said more often in the fall than any other time, with big name hype riddled games all dropping at once. Are you really going to spend 5 paragraphs of your time complaining about review scores? Go play your game. Are you honestly getting hot and heavy on comment threads about evocative pre-controversy? Play your games. Are really taking time to wallow in critical rhetoric, when the bumber crop is ready to harvest? Play your games. Enjoy them. Revel in that enjoyment and share THAT with your fellow gamer!

There's plenty of room for criticism and negativity, but come on. Don't criticize your way out of savoring the goods. You're here because you love games right? Show us your love!

- On a somewhat related note, I miss RetroForce GO!
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