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Tubatic's Top 5 Game Trailers of 2009


To honor the art of the trailer, I've made a list of my favorite trailers from this past year. Activate your popcorn kids, its video time!

Honorable Mention. Left 4 Dead 2, Pray Harder, Valve - This little trailer mosseyed in, told a tale, paid its tab and left. Seemingly very light on Ooomph now that the game is out, this E3 reveal trailer told the fast story of what Left 4 Dead 2 was going to be about. Daylight settings, early quarantine survival, melee weapons and 4 new characters

This was my second favorite trailer when E3 happened. "Pray harder, cuz it ain't workin!" is just a great statement of how bad a bad situation is.Whenever someone casually mentions praying now, that sound clip pops on in my head.

5.Dragon Age: Origins, Sacred Ashes - Bioware - Dragon Age: Origins is a game that's about epic story, interesting characters, fantasy RPG strategy and stabbing Dragons in the head. This trailer embodies all of that!

What makes this trailer great? Morrigan. Like she steals the show in the actual game, she practically makes this trailer her own, doing everything from exploding dudes, to turning into a friggin spider. Its a small but comprehensive slice of the overall Morrigan experience and if you like her here, you'll probably love her in game.

4.Other M, Reveal- Team Ninja + Nintendo The most exciting news from Nintendo's E3 showing this year. Aside from being an exciting mixup of game making talents and long standing IP, this game turned my head, and has me hoping that more companies continue down this path of sharing an IP with a different studio.


3. No More Heroes: Desperate Struggle, E3 Trailer- GrassHopper Manufacture - Truly, No More Heroes is on my short list of Wii games that I really love. When the first trailer for the sequel hit, I was solidly affirmed that the next installment is planning to maintain the crazy vibe from the original. Laser sword innuendo, oddball characters and the promise of a convoluted mission construct. What more than a cameo from Shinobu could you want from a NMH2 trailer?

Falling for good old fashioned revenge story bravado, my favorite part is the line and delivery : "This isn't a battle, its a motherfucking WAR!". Get HYPE! Tell me its painfully cliche, and I'll tell you that's why I love it! It worked on me in June, and it still gets me today, a month or so away from the release.

2. Left 4 Dead 2, Official Instructions- Valve - Beefier than the previous trailer, this one sets up who the characters are and what they're about. Except for Rochelle. I haven't picked this game up, but is she really this plain in the game?

Anyway, the big highlight here is that you get a sense of the total package here. There will be fuzzy warm banter, messed up zombie situations and an excessive amount of bad-assery.

1. Game 3, Teaser Trailer- The Behemoth - More than any trailer this year, the trailer for The Behemoth's semi-mysterious "Game 3" delivers. No one really knows what's going on here, but its incredibly clear that whatever it actually is, its causing the greatest of distress to these little dudes. I'm not even sure if I'll really enjoy this one when it comes out. But, the shear ridiculous charm of this trailer made an impression on me like no other, because it makes me smile. Every. Time. I. Watch it.

Best Thing? The way the trailer is cut to match the music. Its cheap, lowfi, but Super Effective. This gem is SERIOUS BUSINESS!

So. What did I miss!? What's your favorite trailer from this year D-Toid?
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