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Sigh...Tubatic Blogs about Race: RE5, Definitive Verdicts and Convenient Acceptance of Academia


Hey. What's up guys. Its Tubatic. Truly, I should spend my Friday evening STFUAJPG, but I've got a few things I'd like to say about this "Final Verdict" on the RE5 Racism Issue.

Hear me out. I'm not trying to bring down gaming society or call everyone racist or racially insensitive or , even, ask you to understand how someone could have valid negative feelings about the imagery of RE5 and/or its trailers. But I would advise you to scrutinize your media

I know its always refreshing to find an opinion from a guy with a degree or five that share the same opinion that you came to with your 0 to 3 degrees of knowledge. Sharing an opinion with smart people feels awesome, and certainly no one can really take that away from you, right?

Right. But the thing is, its just one dude and his opinion on the material he was presented with.

Everyone balked at the two or three studies that our friend Jack Thompson carted out to prove whatever belief he wanted to push about game violence. And certainly, everyone shunned his studies as bullocks, partly because it wasn't what anyone wanted to believe and partly because it was a few questionable studies. So I posit to you, revelling gamers, that perhaps this is just one man's opinion on an issue, and that nothing has truly been decided/solved/or finished. If a study or an expert lawyer can be questioned, why not an anthropologist?

Given that, consider what Mr. Bowman was asked to comment on. Three levels of a certainly more than three level work of video game artistry. Of course, any final verdict on a game should involve the entire work, right? I mean, we could certainly look up Mr. Bowman's gamertag and see how much of the game he's completed. That's got to have some bearing on his professional opinion, I reckon. If our own Jim Sterling can't come to an informed opinion on Halo Wars after more than 40% completion, can we let an Expert Anthropologist slide that easy on his final verdict? (This paragraph contained Sarcasm on the Internet)

Enh, maybe we can. What ever. But consider this: Where's Mr. Bowman's opinion of the trailer? There was a stir of emotions surrounding the trailer long before the game came out. If anything, our Anthropologist's opinion is a great *beginning* to a larger discussion about the game proper. But, I would wonder what message he would infer from the trailer, which started this whole topic. has done well to bring some specifically informed and educated thoughts onto the issue. But they've done you all a disservice by asserting itself as an end to a discussion.

I think taking the very layered discussion about RE5 and its imagery, when racially considered, and boiling it down to "Is it racist" disregards everything in the way of discourse about race, racial tension, racial perception, stereotypes, interactions and cultural implications that the entire issue has been weaving in and out of.

Look, I don't think RE5 directly disenfranchises anyone. It didn't steal my wallet and it didn't keep me from getting a job. But I think that its unfortunate, even given that the internet will be the internet, that a single opinion on an issue from an expert illicits such blinding self-reassurance.

Am I alone in my hestitation to feel safe and righteous because one guy that lectures on anthropology expresses an opinion on RE5?

Regardless, I'm Ready to Friday.

Edit: For your consideration, the unofficial curriculum vitae on Glenn Bowman
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