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Off The Grid Tactics: Hunting Way of the Samurai 3


When last we left "Off The Grid", it was brought to the general attention that Way of the Samurai 3 (scheduled for release on October 13th for 360 and PS3) was in Jeopardy of being scarce-to-difficult to find in stores. While its still listed in all major online capacities and as a super deal over at BestSku.com, not everything was settled in the land of gaming zeal and fervor.

While many of you are ready-set-go for an online delivery, the nuance of it all does not sit well with me. Best Sku presented a great price, but ultimately just won't do. Long story short: limited shipping options + required billing/shipping address matching + apartment living plus + cutbacks in the Baltimore Postal hours = probably not getting my hands on this game until Saturday, at best.

Unacceptable indeed, lolcat.

Its a strange thing. I could easily secure a delivery and score the game somewhere around the release date. But that would be waiting. There's nothing like hitting the store, picking up the game and being reasonably distracted by the prospect of jumping all over a game when you get home! Illogical, yes. Priceless, double yes. Luckily, my wife gets me. Over several Sims 2 Expansion pack releases, we've double teamed the local Best Buys and GameStops in a 50 mile radius to score first day gaming playtime. After explaining the situation, she replies "So, where do you need me to look?". She may not be hardcore, but she's totally a gamer.

At any rate, I've done a little recon, and it turns out that some GameStops are definitely getting the game. GameStops that are getting the game have been sent a memo congratulating them in being selected to take part in a special promotion: selling Way of the Samurai 3 and giving away the fabled promotional DVD.

I've taken a stab at a few key stores along the Annapolis to Baltimore corridor. Marylanders, Annapolis Mall and Arundel Mills have confirmed they're getting it. Annapolis Mall even guessed at arrival on Monday the 12 (!?). The general responses you can expect are 1) "Hmm, I think i saw an email about that...oh yeah, we're getting it" or 2) "Sorry, we don't have that in our system." . There was also 3) "Huh. Well I know we have a Samurai Shodown...", so watch out for that one.

We're, like, 8 days away from WAY of the MOTHER FREAKING SAMURAI 3! Get pumped folks! Brutal Legend looks awesome, and the scores for Uncharted 2 are off the... sigh... but a game like...ugh...just...

"Off the Charts"? I'm so sorry.
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