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Off The Grid: Do I Really Need to Order Way of the Samurai 3 Off the Internet?


The short answer: Seems like a smart move to me, at least not from GameStop...

So as I walk out of my work-local GameStop with my EXTREME impulse buy of the week (Marvel Ultimate Alliance/ Forza 2 package: Its two games for $14! Don't judge me!) I decide to ask about my main game crush at the moment, Way of the Samurai 3. Now if you've seen about half the things I've written on D-Toid, you know that the common electronic statement on WotS 3's release date is October 13th, for 360 and PS3. What I got back was a very strange response indeed.

The jist of it being, while there's at least the title in his system, my friendly Game Advisor had no release date information for the title. Elaborating on this, the title could very well be coming out tomorrow...but there's just no way to know from his system.


Crazy right!? And thus, I Matlocked. It turns out that this isn't just my local being weird: there's been reports of this happening at least in the last month or so. The general opinion around GameFAQs (how's THAT for JOURNALISM!), is that this could point to a very limited number of copies actually in store. Certainly, this could very well be a testament to the not-Triple-A roll out of this niche title. Agetec/UFO operate out of the same distribution company, Tommo Inc, which in itself, honestly looks a little sketch from its website chops.

What's the deal though? Is Tommo not getting info out to GameStop? Is GameStop retail dropping the ball on a title that, admittedly, may bring in the least amount of revenue for the week of Brutal Legend and Uncharted 2's release?

As your friendly neighborhood zealot, I've put the basic question out there on Agetec's forum (lolwut? Ghosttown!). What gives?! Watch this spot for an answer on what's going on from very nearly the horse's mouth!

Though technically, this is from the hay producer's mouth...

No wait. Its actually like the American subsidiary that processes half of the hay of the hay producer's mouth...

Look, I'll order online if I have to! Just what the deal, doods!?

The honorable Johnathan Holmes just hooked us up with some serious knowledge in the comments here. Looks like GameStop maay not be the place to pick up your copy of Way of the Samurai 3! He's tipped us off to BestSku.com, which has both version available for ordering online.

No details. However, Corenthian and his excellent avatar tells us some GameStops will get the game, but not all. Also, possible Special Extra DVD GET from GameStop? Still more mystery!
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