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In Response to Anthony Burch's Not-Review of Metro 2033


Consider Chess. Look, I think its stupid that the knight, riding the presumably most mobile thing for the era (a horse) can only move in these short, crooked movements, while the rook, whatever the heck that is, can move the entire length of the field. Does he have a teleporter? I dunno. But that's the evident rule of the board: Horses are retarded and Rooks have TARDIS's. You could say Chess is a game that denies its otherwise logical constructs of order and power. You could just as easily walk away from it unhappy with the rules. But you'll similarly be missing whatever someone that invests their time in the web of rules may see in the game.

Do what you will, as you have, and make your honest point about effective/efficient/supportive rulesets. But I'd have to understand anyone willing to plainly call you out on walking off in a huff because a game isn't what you suspect it could be. 'Cuz, I've got to say, that's kinda what you're doing.

If its busted, call it busted and score it. If you've made that determination without completing the game, sure, call it busted and score it. You can walk out on a movie and review it, I think that's fine for games too, right? If you feel compelled to see a game to its narrative end, sure, go for it. As someone very plainly stated in the comments 'bump it down to easy". I've done that as a consumer. But stopping short, and throwing your hands up? You might as well just follow procedure and add your lot to the local and global record of opinion. Your non-review has the same effect as a low score. It just doesn't hit meta critic. And if D-Toid is still pressing its edict of a true 10 point scale of opinion, I think its worth following through, one way or another, and adding your voice to this game's rap sheet.
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