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[VGR] There was Brawl Online tonight, and it was GOOD (mostly)!


I mean really: is all this worth it? Signs point to Yes!

Just a quick blog to say that I've had a damn good time so far with Brawl and online

The thing is, someone just has to go a head an make room to get things started. Once
people start playing, its a good time. Didn't get much lag, and everything's reasonably
responsive during the slowdown when there is lag.

Me, PK, Ajay, Evan an a few others had a good run of a couple hours worth of matches.
We all matched up decently well.

The unfortunate part, however, is how poorly Brawl documents the entire affair. No
leaderboards, etc. But, I did save a few Replay data from tonight. Thing is, the name tags
don't persist in the save data, nor do the witty pre assigned taunt/comments. While great
fun in the moment, it would have been nice to have a record of our "conversations" during
the fight.

Also, the online system is refreshingly forgiving for adding friends of friends that are joining
matches. Someone want to come in, you give them the ok, and, if you're continuing play,
you'll get an option to approve a new "friend", the "friend" of your current "friend".


So, in summary, I think this'll work out fine, for what it is. Improvement to the system
would have been nice, but its a pretty solid experience overall.

How's everyone else doing?
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