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Top 5 Nes Games: No. 5 - Captain Skyhawk


Seriously, This game made my eyes bleed when I was a kid. It was the nearest thing I had seen to 3d graphics, and ran at a blistering pace. The premise was pretty simple: Shoot shit, bomb shit, dock with space station, rinse and repeat.

But it was truly awesome in every sense. The graphics were incredible, the gameplay was outstandingly tight and it had that all important 'one more go' factor that kept you sat there for hours on end.

In the process of looking back at this game I have found out that Rare made it. I'm not surprised at all. This game is easily good enough to be looked at with the same reverence as their later, equally brilliant titles.

I mean, just look at the studly box art. Just look at it. If that doesn't scream 'manly videogame experience' at you then I don't know what does.
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