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Sonic Generations review

I wrote a previous 1 Day Impression on Sonic Generations in a past life (my old account lol) and now I forgot to write a full review of the game after I got 100% in 6 days of its release. Before you ask, no I did not return it to get a full discount, yes I am dumb.

So let's get started: I am a huge Sonic fan, I still own the SEGA Genesis and it is right next to my Dreamcast, both plugged in working condition, (Let's not forget my Gamegear in my closet), I own plushies of Sonic, have VHS' of his tv show, and have multiple Sonic comics from Archie. In addition I have played every Sonic game to date, so my credibility to this game should be substanital. Now I was not only excited for Sonic Generations, I was ready to denoate how happy I was for the game; especially since coming off a pretty good game of Sonic Colors. Now on to the game:

I am not going to go into the story I am just going to go straight into appeal factor. So, the game's graphics are not insane for a video game, they are very good, especially for a Sonic game. The game is quite bright so a note to those who can't handle looking into the screen that is as bright as the sun, lower the brightness as the beginning brightness contraction line is a lie.

You start as classic Sonic in Green Hill Zone to start with the nostaglia. Unfortunately, although the world looks and sounds like Green Hill Zone, it is not (trust me). The "secret areas" in the first world are a lot harder to reach (which is good and bad) and untrue to Sonic 1 but true to Sonic 2, 3, &Knuckles, and CD, Sonic can spindash (which makes no sense because in Sonic 1 he could not and he makes the Sonic 1 jump noise...argh). The Green Hill Zone is pretty large, along with all of Sonic's new/old/classic stages, but obviously you can beat GHZ in under a minute as long you hit the right paths, but the days of finishing levels in 30 seconds -1 minute constantly are gone.

Now a complaint from me is Classic Sonic does not have the same 'gravity' as his 16-bit former self counterpart. To explain the game does not implement his speed + gravity = higher and longer jump in it. Also, when slown by a hill Sonic's jump (which used to be the key to getting out) is now pathetic. In addition to that, Sonic can not "screech" to the ground to slow him up or (use the, as I say advance Super Mario technique) or control his jump (as you jump at higher speed but then you tap left or hold it a little bit to slow you up to reach small platforms).

OK, enough negatives:

The positives...well this first one I am neutral on, but the game is considerably easy as I have an S-rank in the every Act I have played. The game though has many sidequest missions and they are entertaining! You race against a doppleganger in either new or old Sonic, you have "skills challenge" which is my favorite as some implement moves from previous Sonic games to complete the mission (like fire, water, and lightning shield from Sonic 3), a friend's challenge (and YES you do get to change the voice actors to Japanese if you don't want to hear Amy and Knuckles horrible VA's), and other goodie surprises. The game does force you to play 3 missions to unlock new world's but it is all for the better. Also, the remixes of some of the songs are very well done; other's not so much (I'll list my favs at the bottom). The overworld hub is cool and hey guess what? The Red rings are not 'essential' anymore (unless you want a trophy or more skills)! They do unlock artwork and other bonus stuff for Sonic, but you do not need them as much anymore. There is a skill points shop, in which you generate credits by finishing level [where it determines your points scored to credits], so you can buy OLD skills for Sonic to make him better in the game.

Besides my complaints for old Sonic (being as he could be my favorite video game character) new Sonic has many faults as well. He cannot jump and boost at the same time (it is more of an air-dash) which counters his "new Sonic ways" it gave away the awesome feeling of speed. His lockon skill has diminshed GREATLY from Sonic Adventure 2 & Unleashed as you have to wait for the game to lockon to enemies and it takes a while for it to do that (aka does not match up with the speed or my finger button speed who knows). And the game flips too much from 2d to 3d, as one second you could be going down a 3d "racecar" style path, boom one slide it's 2d you have no boost and your lockon sucks.

While I do complain about Modern Sonic, I actually found his levels to be the most enjoyable. It was fun playing as him in all the levels....well maybe except in that Crisis City or whatever (both Sonic's it sucked there). Each level was "redone" and made better than could imagined. Both Classic and Modern Sonic levels were very long, had many ways to travel, and made you want to get that S-Rank. While I complain about the promise of Classic-Sonic levels just the way they were, I can understand you cannot make the same game or even replica of one thing, so I had to put that inner Sonic away.

Here are some negatives overall:

The story was mediocre along with it's voice acting
The inclusion of Shadow the Hedgehog game and not Unleashed (and the deferral of Sonic 3)
The boss remake battles - they didn't have the same feeling
Some of the mini-game levels like that Vector music note one (perfect example of bad homing attack and camera work)
Easy to get an S in Acts

Now a run down of the enjoyable aspects:

Very good graphics for a Sonic game
Music while most of the OST is good here are my favorites: Hubworld remix of Escape from the City, Sky Sanctuary, Planet Wisp, Classic Remix of Escape from the City, Modern Remix Planet Wisp, Speed Highway
While not necessarily easy for beginners, it had a moderate difficulty level for not a Sonic expert
The 'collectopedia'
I'm skeptical about this but the skill inclusion: as both Sonic's had major flaws, but the skills made them feel more like the real Sonic (although we should not be collecting skills in the first place!)
Some of the difficult side-missions and the missions including your friends

Overall Grade: 8.8/10

Would you grade it different? Think I'm to hard on my idol?
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