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Some Hard Levels I can remember from my video game days

All...Well most games have levels in them. Be it in the form of worlds, actual levels, planets, chapters, etc. every game has a certain parts that are broken up like check-points meaning you have moved on from A to B. In addition, every level is always different in length; although I would say length doesn't matter as much when you're too busy being angry. I, for one, have always felt that as a gamer you grow and become accustomed to certain types of levels (and the opposite effect). While the levels I have difficulty aren't shown here, I usually have difficulty in Factory/Future Type Levels (think like Banjo-Tooie Grunty's Factory or Sonic 2's last level). I don't know why I just am not good at them! Sometimes water levels bother me, but that is due to my impatience rather than weird feeling...ok onto the list:

(sorry guys it pretty long...list blogs are longer than regular blogs!)

1. Super Mario Bros Bowser's Castle World 8-4 and Super Mario Bros lost Levels World 8-4

Super Mario Bros and its 'sequel' Lost Levels, are classic, fun games to enjoy and every video game player should have at least played the first world. If Mario wasn't your thing, chances were you probably didn't make it this far, but you've definitely heard of these levels. The pain in the ass with 8-4 in both games is that the game requires you to go a certain pattern as you advance in Bowser's castle. Sometimes going straight is wrong and you get warped back to the beginning, sometimes that "impossible to reach" warp pipe is actually where you need to go. Let's not forget this all happens while you are being timed down on a clock, that claims its 999 seconds, but in reality it's about half of that.

Once you do figure out the pattern to get to Bowser that's where 8-4 differs in Lost Levels compared to SMB. SMB is obviously easier than LL, as it requires you to less timed and narrow jumps, and more dodging; but let's not forget you must fight Bowser at the end, always a toughie. In LL, I would say the worst thing (besides those awkward jumps, as if you had too much gravity/momentum you would hit a wall, lose speed and die) is you actually had to backtrack sometimes, because the pipe may be in accessible at your current angle. Once you figure out the patterns in LL, you must pass a Bowser to get to Bowser, not very nice.

2. Water Temple Legend of Zelda Ocarina of Time

Fun fact of the day, the Water Temple in Master Quest is ridiculously easy, the hard level in Master Quest is actually Ganon's Castle and the Spirit Temple (so hard). But I actually really wanted to write about the two I just listed, but I thought I would do some stupid mainstream thing that everyone can relate to. The Water Temple is not just a pain in the ass, but it's one of those pains that last a very long time, because it takes so long to solve, even if you know how! Constantly running up 4 levels of the temple, constantly playing Zelda's Lullaby to raise the water, until the worst part THAT LAST KEY EVERYONE FORGETS. You know the one where you enter the middle pillar and are going up only to realize you are missing one key, and you have no idea where to look...yea you know.

3- TUBULAR Super Mario World- SPECIAL

Super Mario World rocks, plain and simple. Also, the game has tons of bonus content, is super fun to play, and unfortunately very easy. Seriously, especially once you get your special colored Yoshi's this game becomes cake walk. Well, that is until you reach SPECIAL. Special is bonus world founded after you find all the yoshi's beat their levels and connect the stars. OK, I haven't even mentioned Tubular yet, the worst level of them all. See, mostly in the game so far you have been running, flying, swimming, or well jumping; but here in tubular well this is when you have to float. And not float, like when you have Yoshi's wings and are just semi-gliding your way through the level, no as in get a P-balloon and make a Mario a pseudo-balloon and float your ass over. I would say the worst part in this level (besides the thousands of football players throwing baseball's at you where it one hit ko's you [due to you floating above no ground]) is the control mechanics on balloon-Mario. He moves slow left to right, going down is even worse and you have this horrible steady, sea-flow motion (you know going up and down)...jeez I hate that level.

4- Cloud Cuckoo Land Banjo-Tooie

While this is probably and technically the easiest level on this list, the length and sheer pain in the ass to find the next missions in this level, make it one of the more difficult ones, especially on the quest for 100%. Cloud Cuckoo Land is the last level you unlock in Banjo-Tooie, which in itself is an awesome, and lengthy game. The best part of CCL is when you get to fight Mingy Jongo (Mumbo's evil robotic Terminator-looking counterpart) but after that is when the real journey in this level begins. Most of the Jiggy's are just out in the open, and leads a player to thinking what the barnacle do I do to get this? (after said player tries every move and ability he owns). You have to do a fake- Triathlon in which every time you beat the opponent, he disappears to the next area and you are not given a clue to where to find or meet him! And lastly, the jelly castles!! While it is on my hardest list, I think it is more due to annoyance and length than actual and sheer difficulty.

5- Battletoads- Wind Tunnel

What more can I say than....BATTLETOADS. Wind Tunnel is one of Battletoad's iconic levels, for a game known for its difficulty, this is arguably its most difficult level (and most fun). Wind Tunnel is basically you on a futuristic scooter, dodging walls that enemies pop up, dodging enemies, and lastly hopping island to island by jumps or ramps. Simple as it may sound, the longer you are on your machine, the faster you go, thus you having to increase your reaction time. I would say the worst is when the enemies but the floating walls to trick you, so you jump into the wall, rather than staying low, or put floating ramps so you barely make the ramp on the jump and you have a mini-heart attack as you are in the air.

6 -Darius Twins- Last Level Planet P

Darius Twins, a classic 2D side-scrolling ship-shooter for the Super Nintendo. In fact I love to play this game around every two weeks and I have streamed it a couple of times. The game is pretty easy....well that is until the last level....where poop hits the fan. All those easy, one hit kill ships are gone, replaced with all the "mini-boss" ships from all previous levels. To make matters worse, the speed has increased for all the ships, and for fun the screen is filled with multiple mini-boss ships, either all the same or different. This game is literally all fun and games...until you reach that final level.

7- Any level in Lion King

Wait doesn't this belong in a hardest game blog? Yes, it does but really after streaming Lion King I hate this game. Why is it so difficult? Why do the controls blow ass? Lion King is my favorite movie, but this game.....GRAAAH. All I have to say is if you beat the first level, and play 'I Just Can't Wait to Be King' Level...you'll understand. From secret monkey-tree patterns, to an ostrich who doesn't listen, this game.

8- Commando Man- Megaman 10

I actually replayed Megaman 10 two weeks ago because I thought the achievement was beat the game on Normal mode, but it was meant for Hard mode (maybe I'll get to that one day). But this level (its the Desert Level for people who have Megaman 10 but forgot), it's a complete pain because of its "winds". As you advance further in the level, Mega Man must jump over ledges, that send bombs that automatically kill you in the air (as you fall straight down from getting hit thus you dying). A nice little thing added is that the winds, bring sand that cover up everything in your sight, so you can't advance, and blow the bombs towards you possibly killing you. I forgot to mention, most of these platforms don't have walls or just have spikes, so if you get blown to far you die. Thanks Capcom!

#Bonus fun not actually hard level- Star Fox 64 Area 6 (expert mode)

I love Star Fox 64, I love it. From my record of 5865 kills from when I was nine (which I still can't beat today), to all the quotes, Falco, Zoddess, Sector Y, so much to love! But in reality, I will never not love Area 6, it is the best part of the game (if you take the accomplished route). The speed is much faster, the music is epic, and the Great Fox fights with you!! From fighting other ships (you are fighting Andross's army), to hearing the funny Alligator (frog?) commander, to the land mine field, the level is just a total blast.

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