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Can't wait to blog again! Pretty excited I'm almost finished! Will probably be out Saturday here we come #200 and the return of Troy!


The joycons might be the most underrated and comfortable controllers. I can't not play breath of the wild with them !


I just realized next week is the Switch!! Like holy crap Nintendo way to sneak that up on me


I love how everyday my backlog grows bigger when do I go hey world gimmie 30 days and 100 hour days to finish these JRPGS lol


Why am I not asleep also Phoenix Wright 6 in 2 days!!


Just finished my first blog in over a year haha can't wait to review again!


Just finished helping my brother in his film final project! Check it out and help him get an A lol!


Also for all the captain falcon lovers out there check this sick tourney compilation tourney video for my brothers tournament win


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