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Nintendo Direct the unexcitement of Zelda HD and Xenoblade 2!?

Well, everyone and their ancestors has heard about today's exciting Nintendo Direct announcement. Heck, I can see Wii U sales going up (not immediately) but around the time summer and E3 hits. I love Nintendo, always have, in fact yesterday with my friends, Chris and Phil and I literally had a Nintendo all-day festival starting from Gamecube, to N64, to Wii, to end the day with the SNES. It doesn't make me a bigger Nintendo fan that I own all the systems, who cares everyone has played the games am I right or am I right?

Hearing today's announcement excited me for many reasons. First, I get to play Wind Waker for the third time when I buy the remake (note: not remaster). Two, I can still put off getting my Wii U since I just spent a lot of money getting a nice tablet. Third, details on new Yoshi game and the announcements of Mario, Mario Kart, and Smash Bros at E3 excite me beyond belief. And lastly, Xenoblade "2" (I will dub it that but we all know it will be Xeno-something).

Notice, I have not put the "new" Legend of Zelda HD there on my list of "excitement". Neither is Fire Emblem x Shin Megami Tensei on the list, but that is more for me not being avid fan, more of a casual gamer in the Fire Emblem series (aka I just need more details). After reading and watching the Legend of Zelda video, I have to say I am more nervous than anything else. Why? Probably because of Skyward Sword and how awful the game was. Not only did it kill the Legend of Zelda formula, but it actually made me nervous for a new Zelda game, I literally buy any Nintendo AAA title without even thinking or reading reviews (which were all lies after I read them 10's HA).

Here take this from Richard George's article on the front page of IGN

"Nintendo is "rethinking the conventions of Zelda." Ideas like dungeons needing to be completed in order, and Zelda adventures being single-player only, are being set aside as the team focuses on "returning to basics"

Returning to the basics doesn't include rethinking single-player only or the dungeons being completed in order because THAT IS THE BASICS OF THE LEGEND OF ZELDA SERIES! I can understand the dungeons not having the specific order of completion playing off like the original Legend of Zelda, where you can actually run into the final boss without even getting your sword. But, what makes the Legend of Zelda special is the combination of dungeons with the specific item you need to obtain to get to the dungeon, the special item IN the dungeon, and then using both (or more items) in a series of puzzle-adventures while at the same-time fighting off enemies and sub-bosses.

Why do we need multiplayer for LoZ? Never, not EVER, once I have thought to myself, jeez I sure wish I had a second player or Link should have a partner who fights with him. It not only takes away from Link and the game's legacy, but it seems more and more that Nintendo is once again listening to these fans who complain on the internet, and probably have never played Legend of Zelda. The Legend of Zelda is about not only the quest, but growing as one with the character into a true hero and can easily smite his enemies. The journey's are grueling and long, people and town's are mysterious, but what makes it even better is the fact you do it yourself. What's next voice acting for Link? Ask Sonic how that went or even Mega Man X. The Legend of Zelda is near a Star Wars-type legacy where one mistake can lead to an angry mob (or angry forum lol); imagine if Ganondorf or Princess Zelda just sound awful, to the extent it isn't funny. While I do reject the idea of voice acting, I am on the edge for NPC voice-acting. It would be nice to hear the Bazaar talk, but at the same time, if you have played The Last Story, Xenoblade Chroicnles, or Pandora's Tower then you will realize that NPC voice acting is plain out stupid.

Why is it stupid? Well, because you are pressing A or X at a faster rate so you can READ FASTER. Yes, talking is very cool, but you are playing a game and patience is the thing for many gamers. When a character is talking to me I tap A so all the words appear, and guess what the NPC stops talking because A is somewhat of a "skip" button. It is useless, the only NPC voice acting I ever thought was good, was ironically FFXIII-2. Where you can run by characters who were in conversations and pick up hints.

Last for the Legend of Zelda HD was the graphics/design. We all know I am not the biggest graphic man out there, but I do have a problem when it comes to just horrible design. Take for example Skyward Sword, the game was just ugly. I don't know if that was the Wii's fault (not really because all the Project Rainfall games look fantastic), I don't know if it was because Twilight Princess looked very good. But to read this, "He discussed Nintendo's new visual approach for the game, which apparently is completely unlike the HD demo shown at E3 2011, but wasn't ready to be shown at this time. Aonuma noted this still-mysterious "new style" developed as his team experimented bringing Zelda's many graphical styles into HD", again scares me.

The only reason it scares me again, is because of the internet and this rumor link here. To summarize the graphics part of the article. It says the Nintendo team has decided to stick with it's Skyward Sword style to appeal to causal and hardcore gamers. "They feel they have found a sweet spot with Skyward Sword". Let's just pray this isn't true. I mean I was wrong with the last rumor I heard about Pokemon.

Before I get into the real kick-ass details I have to say three things. One, I'm not that nervous for Yoshi Land Wii U (or whatever it's working title is) because the director of Yoshi's Story and Yoshi's Island is behind the job. Let's hope it plays more like Super Mario World 2: Yoshi's Island rather than like Story or even (ugh) Epic Yarn. I will be highly disappointed if it is like Epic Yarn. Second, good job Nintendo for not making a Majora's Mask remake. And lastly, it is about Xenoblade 2 let's hope the game is an actual ACTION-RPG. Yes, Xenoblade is not an Action RPG, it is more pseudo-action rpg or a regular RPG with action rpg elements, either or it is not a true action-rpg.

The Last Story and Kingdom Hearts are action RPG's. A main counterpart has to do with the blocking and the movement of a character. Yes, in Xenoblade you can freely move about but here's the twist! You still get hurt even if you are "behind" the enemy who is attacking forward, compared to the games I just mentioned if an enemy misses you or is nowhere near you, then you do not get hurt. Pretty simple, so let's hope Xenoblade "2' has real action RPG time in it.

Now for the happy-joy time! I cannot wait anymore for E3 since I would buy the Wii U alone for a new Mario Adventure, New Mario Kart, and New Super Smash Bros. In addition, isn't the new Super Smash Bros supposed to be 3DS and Wii U? I hope people haven't forgot about the Wonderful 101, because that is a game not to be overlooked, trust me I have played it at New York Comic Con and I have to say hectic equals fun. Xenoblade "2" looks amazing. Seriously, from that ninety second trailer I am ready to buy this game. From the new gun elements, to that jumping on the enemy, and THE MECHS. I don't even know how to react to it.

Can't wait to be playing some new games this upcoming holiday. Oh wait isn't the new xbox and playstation supposed to be coming soon? Hopefully I hit the lotto.
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