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How come there aren't any 3DS bundles in the NA?

"I can't wait to buy a 3DS XL...actually I may wait for a better bundle"

- A good looking and awesome writer, 2011-2012

Well, I will leave you guys guessing whoever said that quote, but itís time for a more pressing issue and that is the 3DS in North America. As of yesterday Nintendo released a new bundle for the 3DS XL, which is just a simple Cosmo Blue 3DS XL with Mario Kart 7 for the regular price of a 3DS XL ($199.99). But looking at it I have to say one thing, who cares. The 3DS is actually selling quite well and has been on the rise for the past year and of course of its upcoming. From games like Paper Mario, to Kingdom Hearts 3D, to New Super Mario Bros, to the fact I can go on forever; the 3DS is a great system.

The only problem I have had with the 3DS is the unfair treatment we, in North America, are receiving from Nintendo. To prove my point look no further than Black Friday of 2012, where the 3DS had released several bundle packages and only one for North America. Don't worry we did get the best deal of them all a Pink 3DS XL, not the limited edition New Super Mario Bros 2 bundle, or the Pokemon Pikachu or Charizard bundle, or even the White (come on!) Mario Karty 7 bundle.

Luckily for us we have the MK7 and Red New Super Mario Bros 2 Bundle where the games come pre-installed on these average color game cases.(hint: there is sarcasm there) I understand sometimes that a bundle isn't really what makes the system or isn't a legitimate reason in to why you should buy a system, but a bundle is A) a convenient way to purchase a system with a game to get one integrated with the system and B) a way to entice buyers in a new way. Doesn't it feel much better to have a sleek white limited edition Gameboy rather than the one everyone has? For consoles I feel that it doesn't matter as much, because a console offers a bigger variety in the gaming market. For handhelds that slight edge of having a specialized handheld, with a premier game is a huge advantage, because it is something akin to the first step.
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