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Hardest Boss fights that I can remember

A good game is nothing without a tough boss fight. I mean doesn't the satisfaction of destroying an "uber-hard" boss; just leave you with the ultimate sense of satisfaction? Not all games have these difficult boss fights; think games like: Super Mario 64, Banjo Tooie, Uncharted, Legend of Zelda, and many other games. All these games are nothing short of fantastic, but it never had that moment where it had you wondering if you were ever going to win. While, I feel I am missing a ton of bosses, I probably am just forgetting them cause: A) they were hard only for that moment or B) I just don't want to remember it.

One fact before I make my list is annoying bosses, do not qualify as difficult bosses. Take Bowser in Super Mario Bros or Dr. Baron K. Roolenstein aka King K. Rool in DKC 3. While the bosses were annoying and pissed you off, you eventually beat them and went "Man...I was stupid during that fight" or my favorite, as the video game gods (my dub for those COME ON moments) like to make people suffer, make you die for with the greatest stroke of luck (misfortune?).


Mega Man X2- Serges, Sigma's Tower.

Serges is the old robot...guy...whatever, of the three villains who took Zero's parts and are trying to resurrect Sigma. His boss fight his him cover 25% of the screen in a giant turret gun, that fires at you while you stand on platforms below a pit spikes. What makes this fight hard is the fact you have no space to really maneuver to dodge his attacks. The more turrets you destroy the closer he moves towards you (start from four platforms to two) and then after defeating the turrets you still have to defeat him, while he has lasers bouncing off the walls in addition to a 4 direction laser attack (either x and y planes or diagonal). Even with a fully upgraded Mega Man X I had some trouble with this guy, bring your Energy Tanks you are warned.

Sigma- Mega Man X- You know this probably wouldn't have been that tough if I actually learned the weaknesses of every boss in Mega Man X. But I'm a douche and only like to use the Buster to defeat 95% of my bosses. The boss fight starts off with you facing his dog (just Hadoken him) and then you must fight Sigma (in which you must Hadoken again but have a very little window to do). Sounds easy and like fun and games so far, except for those without the Hadoken. But here is where the fun part happens, when he turns into the giant robot that is the background of the screen. From here, correct timed jumps, dodging his fists, which you must ride, but only for a short while because A) EVERYTHING hurts you and B) his face will shoot lasers at you if you stay to long in addition to laser's coming from the ground. Sigh, Sigma was one tough boss, just back your Energy Tanks (well I only needed one but hey you may need all 4) cause it's a doozy.

Sinistar- Yep...the game and the boss. BEWARE COWARD. I HUNGER. RRAWWWRRR echo in the ears of many players and my childhood. The problem with Sinistar and his super quick clockwise piloting skills, is the constant hoards of meteors and enemy ships that attack you while he can just EAT YOU, one and done. The scary moment is when you accidentally get near him, only to have him eat you and laugh....*cries.

Necron and Ozma Final Fantasy IX- Two bosses!? Yea well Ozma is a hidden optional, hardest boss of the game, otherwise regular players/others are stuck with Necron. Let's start with Ozma; just getting to him is a pain in the ass, though oddly fun. To start off, you need a flying Golden Chocobo to reach this special cave that Ozma is hidden in, though that is not even enough. In fact, you must complete the Friendly Monster's Sidequest to be able to even DAMAGE (physical of course, oh and shadow) Ozma. Without going into detail on the quests, let's talk about superboss Ozma.

Nothing like facing a boss who can wipe out your party in practically one hit, but to make matters worse...he can FULLY HEAL HIMSELF. Yeah, I know we all that was only a Pokémon Full Restore trick, but nope this boss took it to another level. The boss is so difficult that people had to start learning how the ATB mechanic works in FFIX so they can just sneak another attack or two during a round. Level 5 Death, Doomsday, Level 4 Holy, and 55K HP is enough to make a Final Fantasy fan say what the heck man.

Let's say you didn't get Ozma, and you're just going to beat the game; ok that's fine. After defeating Kuja, a major disappointment and easy boss, you get blasted to some unknown world and listen to Star Wars quotes (not joking). Here is the true final boss and you must choose your remaining 3 party members (who are nicely healed...in a bad way). To start things off, he has nearly identical HP to Ozma, but that's actually the good news of this boss. Let's see here is the pick your poison of the boss: Necron has the ability to attack three times per one turn, Necron's ability Grand Cross, Neutron Ring, or Shockwave. Grand Cross is a status attack, where it casts all negative statuses like Petrify (all 4 can die like that), Death, Poison, etc. Neutron Ring only does about 4,000 HP on its attack and he usually combines that with Grand Cross. The last is Shockwave because, you know, every boss needs an attack to reduce the entire parties HP to....1. Necron is such a pain, and I really enjoyed this fight.

Funny story, when I first beat him, my little cousin ran in my room and accidentally kicked my Playstation, thus freezing the game. So I went to go beat the game (which I did), and what do you know it freezes during the final movie because of that incident...I was so angry.

Chaos Dissidia 012 Duodecim- Technically this is Dissidia 000 (unlocked after beating every else in Dissidia 012. Chaos, yeah yeah, we've all beaten him in Dissidia and in dissidia 012 duodecim...oh wait we're talking about Chaos in 000 Dissidia...well that's a different story. In fact, there are two Chaos' in 000, the "Feral Chaos Mainikin" with only 56k HP and my favorite the real Feral Chaos with a little over 125k HP. I originally though the Manikin was the real Chaos, which I had no problem dealing with my level 100 Cloud (my only character above level 50) and the good thing about the Chaos' fights, is, unlike the original Dissidia, you are allowed to fight with your entire party. So, upon learning that Manikin was just...a Manikin the hunt for Chaos began.

Finding him...sigh it took me exactly two weeks to beat that S.O.B. I had to create a strategy that my first four character combined have to do at least 10k damage; forunately for myself, Vaan came up in the clutch and did about 15K damage on Chaos so he was down 25K HP when I faced him. Matchup: Cloud level 100 (10K HP) vs. Feral chaos (100K HP). Boy did it take long, like I would play till I fell asleep and woke up just to continue the bout. The worst part had to be when Feral Chaos would get his EX Special or you would accidentally do into Rush mode against him. Did I mention he gains EX for you beating him up and vice versa? Sigh, I had fun, although I probably lost a month's worth of sleep because of freaking Chaos.

Slash TMNT IV- I only include Slash because streaming TMNT IV: Turtles in Time on Hard mode by myself, made me realize how tough Slash really is. Usually I have my brother and/or cousin and we basically have one man play decoy while we beat up Slash from the back. But in Hard mode, solo, he blocks every single on your attacks and then pulls up for an immediate counter every time! It's so annoying; he can even block your special attack which sacrifices your life! Overall, beating him just means you've only beaten half the game haha.

Metroid Prime 2 ending bosses- Alright final boss, who is it? SCAN....oh ok Emperor Ing cool. Beat him once, no wait twice, ok last time so three parts only getting harder every time that's fair. Time to leave the plan...DARK SAMUS...but I'm not healed!? "GGGRRAAHHHH"- Star Fox 64 Sector Y

I don't mind the timer during the Dark Samus fight, as I feel taking too long on a boss is an expense, so what better way than to account the player. But I did despise the Ing fight; simply because the scanning tips on how to damage him, where complete trash, so I literally had to learn while dodging for my life.

Fun not really hard to me but others think: Sephrioth KH (KH1) - Ok, I don't want to be Kingdom Hearts yet so, let's go to everyone's favorite level, Olympus Coliseum. When I first got there and saw you got to fight Hades and the Titans, my mind was like totally blown. I love extra fights and especially more difficult ones. The final, Hades cup, has to be the best because you get to fight Sephiorth at the end. When you are level 45 on critical mode, the fight is like 100x better....actually I don't know it's the only way I've played it. During my fights, when you attack Sephiroth...it wouldn't move his HP bar. I originally thought I was never doing any damage until after enough Keyblade smashing I saw a tiny bit of movement. Seriously, I love when he does that fire explosion attack, because if I was accidentally near it...I died in one hit. I think everything about this fight is fun and epic, like really Kingdom Hearts felt more complete with this fight, than it did in any other moment in the game (plus it's always a bonus when optional bosses are easy to find).

Well, there are some of my hardest boss fights. I know there are definitely more, but hey...I forgot!
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