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Fake Blog November Edition

Yay, it's time for fake blog #November meaning I just get to state what the barnacle is going on with my life. Let's start off with Black Friday/Holiday shopping; yes it is already that time of the year, in fact it is basically two days away from the most overrated shopping day in American History.

While few deals are actually worth as 'door busters' (take console bundles that is not the Vita) or Walmart giving games like NBA 2K13 for $25; most of these deals actually span till Sunday and aren't even better until the clearance rack sales the next month. But the fun thing is, many of these people do not know that. Last year, as I was contemplating buying a 3DS (spoiler alert: I did not) I only wanted the limited edition Zelda 3DS bundle, which was "limited" per store. EVERY story I went to that day had the package; in fact I went to Best Buy at around 8:30-9:30pm that night and bought it only to return it, because I wanted an Ice White 3DS (never made it to the US).

Since we are on the topic of 3DS, I just have to say "COME ON NINTENDO OF AMERICA". I really really wanted that beautiful Ice White with its black and white sleek design combo, but wasn't all too distraught when I heard of 3DS XL. But now, I wanted a good deal with an XL only to find out nothing is really coming out with the XL in America. People in the EU are getting these amazing Pikachu and/or Mario bundles and Japan is getting that awesome Charizard XL while here in the good ol' NA we get a Pink one! Whoo

My friend sent to this either laugh with me or laugh at me

Let's see what else happened this November...hmmm *places thinking cap on.

I was my cousin's sponsor for his Confirmation and I was extremely proud to be selected. I love my cousin Nicolas and we really have some of the best times together. Thank you and I love you!

November in schools suck cause its midterm month and you age by 2 years just for the month only to realize that when November ends you are already studying for Finals. Jeez only 1.5 years left till Law school but the LSAT's are this year (grrrahh).

Right now I'm about through with Halo 4 Legendary Solo; not that bad but I can't wait to basically run through the campaign again with my brother or partner and do easy mode to get the achievements and realize like how like amazing not-Legendary will be. On the topic of new games and stuff, I'm pretty excited to get a Wii U though I have no idea when that will be, since I can't find a deluxe set anywhere. I may just wait until Spring and save some cash.

My Holiday wish list seems pretty simple:

-New Sneakers


-Occasional new clothes

Well, the money part should have an asterisk as I am interested in purchasing: a Google Nexus 7 Tablet (16gb $200) w/ keyboard and stand. A 3DS XL with a few games like NSMB 2, Paper Mario: SS, and Star Fox or OoT. I may want PS All-stars Battle Royale but I really am not too much of a fan of the game...maybe I'll grow into it or something I'm not sure.

Oh yea before I end the monthly Twitch update. Well right now I am stuck at 39 followers but I did pass the 2000 viewers mark (like 2300 right now or whatever) but hopefully for Dec-Jan I will stream newer games rather than just SNES and SEGA Genesis; I've come to realize people don't want to see old games (or actually read blogs so I just put a 2 sentence question blog, a "list" blog listing 10 things for no reasons, or just a lot of pictures so people can go yay...no I WILL NOT RANT ABOUT BLOGS right now...but you all know my sentiments. Heck I doubt any of you are reading this anyways cause again Troy has to write a meaningless 1000 word aka too long blog. Did you notice I'm still in the parenthesis? Bet you didn't)

But I have completed 20 games online ranging from the PSX/1, SNES, and Genesis range. Spyro 2: Ripto's Rage was my twentieth and right now I am playing Tales of Phantasia thanks from another recommendation of a constant viewer mrteagle (thanks dude).

For my few anime fans/followers: Right now I've been very lazy on anime, but I blame that partially to school. I have caught up per usual in Fairy Tail anime and of course the Bleach, Fairy Tail, and Kuroko no Basket mangas.

I am currently watching: Sword Art Online and Samurai Champloo

LAST last, thing before I leave I just wanted to say I hate Thanksgiving...I dunno its the food really. I rather just eat spaghetti, meatballs, lasagna, and other Italian foods like I do on Christmas because I've just never really liked pies, turkey, etc or in my case 'aka crap' lol

Alright guys enjoy the holidays even though Thanksgiving sucks!

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