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All New StreetPass Games Reviewed

Everyone loves their 3DS and everyone loves StreetPass, it's one of the biggest and known features of the 3DS. To obtain any Streetpass you just need to be near someone who owns a 3DS and boom, you met their Mii who was added to something called a StreetPass Plaza. Streetpass is more than just meeting other Mii's, it has two distinct features; giving you special StreetPass items for 3DS games (like Super Mario 3D Land, where you would get Toad houses) or allow you to use the Mii you met to play the two games it had: Puzzle Swap and Find Mii. While enjoyable games, there is not much behind the two StreetPass games of Puzzle Swap and Find Mii 1 and 2. For Puzzle Swap, you would just gain a piece of a puzzle to add to your collection, while for Find Mii you would send out a Mii to a level to fight ghosts, although you had no real impact on the fights, just choosing magic or physical attack, the rest was automatic.

With Nintendo's latest update for the 3DS, four new games were introduced to the StreetPass world, each costing $4.99 (or get all 4 for $15). The games now available are: Mii Force, Flower Town, Warrior's Way, and Monster Manor.

The Games

Flower Town

Flower Town is a pretty simple game, in which you a new citizen to Flower Town and want to grow 20 breeds of Flowers to become a Garden Master. In the game, each StreetPass you get counts as a way to water your plant or harvest seeds from a plant. There is more than just watering your plants in Flower Town, although that is the main premise of the game. You can also design your garden, take on jobs in the town (usually about growing flowers), sell your plants or seeds, and when another Mii has Flower Town, you can check out their own personal garden. The game uses a currency format, so not everything is free, that is if you actually feel like customizing your pots and garden, otherwise if you don't care it is practically useless.

The setting and graphics of the town actually look very well done and they give you a peaceful-type vibe, whenever you play the game. All in all, there is not much in Flower Town besides waiting for the next StreetPass so you can water your plant or get a new seed. One problem I have come across a lot in Flower Town is trying to get "New Breeds" or Flowers rather than different colors. A new seed always displays the percentage of whether you will get the same flower, a new breed, or a different color and well...most of my percentages are always low for a new Flower and I only have four.

Warrior's Way

Warrior's Way is a rock-paper-scissors type game, where you take control of your own Mii and your army in order to take over the world (20 countries). Your beginning army consists of how many StreetPass tags you have and from then on it only increases. Ways of increasing your army go in three ways: Hiring Mercenaries (the Dogs/Cats), gaining a StreetPass from a Mii who doesn't have Warrior's Way, and a StreetPass to one who does. The difference between Mii's that don't have Warriors's Way compared to those who do is that they are not Monarchs from a distant land, so they don't lead any army. If they do have the game, you must face their army and beat them in order to gain their characters; if they don't own the game, they simply join your army with their StreetPass number. From there, you create one of three types of castles (shonen, medieval, or futuristic) which plays some type of role in your Warriors' Way game, like the ability to "spy" on the opposing countries army.

The fighting rock-paper-scissors style does keep the game in suspense, especially if you have less or an equal amount of soldiers compared to the other teams army and although the number of units are displayed for each unit (say 100 in rock), you do not know the order the computer launches them, making your choices actually guesses. As you would know, rock beats scissors, but that does not always guarantee victory. Winning the effective battle only halves the opposing teams army, so you have to make sure you have a suitable amount of soldiers in each section. The reason is because the game does allow you to auto-win some battles, by over-stocking one of the classes which then becomes indicated by a gold star above the icon. but this is really only obtainable if you have plenty of soldiers. With this, even if you did your 'Rock' team versus a 'Paper' team you would still win! On the flip-side it does indicate auto-losses as well, with an icon of a white flag on one of your icons, if you do not have enough soldiers to compete against any of the opposing teams' factions.

Monster's Manor

Monster's Manor is the new Find Mii, only better. This game is the closest to an RPG-Mii game we will get; it has inventory, weapon select, live-action fighting, RPG-level up system, currency, and of course treasures with random battles to boot. The game has you wandering into a mysterious castle/mansion after you get a letter from your assistant (since you are a detective in this game). She tells you all about the monsters and mystery going on in the manor and how there are multiple floors you need to travel to get to the top and solve the mystery.

Streetpasses work in the way of helping you progress on each floor. Floor progression is a Tetris-style puzzle builder where you get random parts (say a 4 block straight line) and you build a floor so you can travel around in. Colors that match create a bigger room, allowing you to find treasures with range from badges to new weapons. Connecting puzzle-floor pieces of people with different colors leads to mainly random encounters. The point of each floor is to find the stairs, so that you may move up in the tower.

Battling in Monster's Manor is live-action orientated. This means whatever weapon you carry (say a Laser Gun) is controlled by you, as well as defending against monsters' attacks. Weapons use batteries, so you can't rush all your attacks in 5 seconds, you must time them and let them recharge. There is also HP in the game, which cannot be recovered unless you use a potion or advance to the next floor. HP is increased as you find S-Capsules and/or moving up in the Manor.

Overall, this is one of the most addicting new StreetPass games out there and I recommend this game for a person who only wants to buy one of the StreetPass games.

Mii Force

Ever played Darius Twins or Gradius..or any 2D-scrolling spaceship game? Well, if you loved it then, then Mii Force is the game for you. Greatly influenced by them, you control your Mii Force Ship and travel to different planets to defeat evil space pirates. There are cannons, enemies from all angles, plant-based, water-based levels, and of course gems to be found in every part of the galaxy. Each planet has three levels, with bosses at the end of each level, each more difficult as you progress. Streetpass Mii's influence your game by giving you a power according to a Mii's color. Red Mii's have a flamethrower, Black Mii's shoot bombs etc. You can attach up to 10 Mii's one one ship, but only shoot 4 different powerups. The other Mii's would connect to your ship and level up each weapon (maximum level 3).

Mii Force is a very fun and addicting game with the most replay value of any StreetPass game. Each level has a Target Score for you to hit, a collect all hidden gems mission, and a don't get hit badge (if you have more than one Mii). You can play whatever level you want at any time and the best part is hidden gems carry over, so you don't have to always relook for them.


Flower Town: 7/10

Mii Force: 8/10

Warrior's Way: 8.2/10

Monster's Manor: 8.5/10

I believe all these new StreetPass games are amazing additions to, what already makes the 3DS addicting enough. From the addition of the new StreetPass Exchange Tickets (tickets that are won in the new StreetPass games for new hats), to just the overall fun that most (cough Flower Town) of the new games provide, I have to say its a must buy for EVERY 3DS owner.

My personal favorite has to be Monster's Manor, followed by Warrior's Way then Mii Force (although I love 2D-scrolling ship games this is missing something). A problem is Warrior's Way and Monster's Manor are a really slow progress, but its something you live with considering you don't always get StreetPasses!  So what are you waiting for? Go out and buy them!


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