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Video Podcast - Episode 1

Check out my friends Video Game Podcast. My friends are doing a video game podcast. Im excited because its really something i think about a lot and even though this is episode ...


I got the lights!

After about 3 years I've been hearing about failures I thought not me... Until today i downloaded the new Xbox Update...and it broke my system.


Podtoid almost ruined my life

I'll start by saying I love the podcast and all the editors here. I've been following the blogs for a long time and finally found a site that has good humor and few politics. I was on at Ign for quite some time..never paid for the insider...


Income Tax Refunds Make Me compulsive....

I've been slowly building my collection of games. I could list all the games I've bought and played through but thats's the list of my pile of shame since the last month with a justified reason why i haven't broken the plasti...


Boy Kills for a PS3 Bond set for 16-year-old charged in Cedar Rapids murder Posted on Jan 30, 2010 by Admin. Denum Anthony Null, 16, is facing a first-de...


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I live in Iowa and play mostly Xbox 360 games but I do own a DS. I'm not really very interesting and a rarely post a blog but normaly I spend my time behind a desk staring a computer monitor doing some what of a stressful job as an advanced date entry customer service type job. Games currently playing? I'm trying to play more of what I have on my shelf which is a lot....48 Xbox 360 titles and at one point i had 100+ original xbox I traded over half to get a that number is about 30+. I play online almost everynight and my screen name is my gamertag...just putting it out there....Also like it matters...I'm 24 with a wife and 3 thats fun.