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Panapticon = "Freedom Wars" for the Vita


Destructoid's own Jordan Devore posted an article a few weeks ago about a mysterious Sony game developed by Sony Computer Entertainment Japan. The game was called "Panapticon." A teaser trailer was shown, along with a teaser website, displaying that more info would be revealed on May 21st.

The teaser trailer (and only trailer) of the game

May 21st? Yep, the day of Microsoft's Xbox One reveal. Really weird move there, Sony. That's almost as weird as releasing Resonance of Fate on the same day as Final Fantasy XIII (ahem, Sega). Anyways, Sony spilled the beans on their new product, which will debut as "Freedom Wars," an 8-player action game resembling the Monster Hunter series (except not really) exclusive for the Playstation Vita. So anyone, including me, who totally called this can proceed to squealing like schoolgirls.

Freedom Wars takes place in an interesting dystopian future in which people live in wall-offed cities called Panapticons. A very fitting term, considering the crap ton of surveillance cameras placed throughout the cities, as well as the revered patrolmen with the special visors. Speaking of those visors, you can see that these visors allow the user to reveal a mysterious set of numbers above citizens' heads.

The numbers do not represent a life span or anything like many were predicting, but a sentence. In these Panapticons, citizens are born into a 1 million year sentence by the government. This would explain why the newborn baby in the teaser trailer has the number 1,000,000 floating above his head. According to Sony, the sentence is a method of population control, though I can't really see how this helps control the population. 1 millions years of imprisonment is a bit much, you would think. However, there is a method to reduce this sentence, and you can probably guess how.

Yep, kill monsters! Though, that isn't the full story. The monsters shown above are called Abductors. Another fitting name, as they seem to enjoy abducting humans for reasons yet unknown. To reduce your sentence, your priority is to liberate the abducted humans located inside these Abductors using your own weapons as well as your "Thorn." Freedom Wars already shares quite a lot in terms of visuals with Namco Bandai's "God Eater," and the Thorn is very reminiscent of the God Arc used in those games. Though unlike the God Arc, which must be surgically attached to your dominant wrist literally FOREVER, the Thorn (which can be seen above attached to everyone's left arms) can attach anywhere onto your body and is used to perform the finishing move on an Abductor, and probably do even more as details are revealed.

I don't think this will change the fact that you are killing monsters though. It seems that killing the Abductors will automatically liberate the imprisoned human.

As mentioned in the beginning of the article, Freedom Wars will support 8 players. Your main character can be either male or female, and you are also able to fully customize an Accessory.

The "Accessory" shown in the trailer

An Accessory is basically a supporting NPC. Sorta like your Main Pawn in Dragon's Dogma, except with a more derogatory term, considering they are not human. They can be fully customized as well. Gender, voice, outfits, the works. This was probably intended for solo game sessions in case the player does not have any friends available to play with (or any friends at all, herp).

So, an 8 player game exclusive for the Vita, with elements of Monster Hunter, God Eater, and a bit of Dragon's Dogma? I think I speak for everyone when I say, "BRING THIS TO THE STATES PLEASE."
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