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Panapticon = "Freedom Wars" for the Vita

Destructoid's own Jordan Devore posted an article a few weeks ago about a mysterious Sony game developed by Sony Computer Entertainment Japan. The game was called "Panapticon." A teaser trailer was shown, along with a teaser website, disp...


Porting Resident Evil 2 to the N64

Resident Evil 2, arguably the best Resident Evil game to date and factually the best selling RE game on the PS1, was ported to various consoles after its initial PS1 release. Ports would include a Windows PC version, Nintendo 64, Dreamca...


Room for Improvement: Rukia Kuchiki

What better way to debut my first blog than to talk about my favorite anime character? Rukia Kuchiki is the female lead in the hit anime, Bleach. I say �hit� but I for one, have stopped watching the show since the end of the second season, ...


About TronKimone of us since 3:21 PM on 03.25.2011

Herro, this is Tron Kim. I am a game designer and writer working towards my dream of being a successful indie developer. I enjoy all types of games (except strategy and RTS games). However, because of this, I'm not really good at any particular genre. I'm like an Average Jack of all Trades :P

Please excuse my writing. I tend to write how I speak in real life, so if you sense something wrong with my prose, you're gonna have to deal with it!

I generally lean towards action games and grew up on Capcom fighting games such as Street Fighter 2 on the SNES and X-Men Vs. Street Fighter on the PS1. The same goes for the games I am developing, which all feature 2 distinct qualities: deep engaging combat mechanics, and a female protagonist.

Come with me as I discuss ways to make fighting games more accessible, discuss old games that people may have missed, and discuss notable female characters in games/anime.

I also love Rukia from Bleach (but I hate Bleach), and also I look better than all of my female friends combined when I crossdress.