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My Geometry Wars Galaxies Impressions


The Wii has gotten a lot of high profile releases in the past few weeks. Resident Evil Umbrella Chronicles, Soul Caliber Legends, Link's Crossbow Training, Zack and Wiki, and of course Super Mario Galaxy. It's sad to see these Prima-Donnas fo gaming, as hot as some of them may be, take up all the spot light while a total hot game sitting in the corner, totally overlooked by most, which may in fact be my favorite game of the season.

That game is Geometry Wars Galaxies. I friggin' can't get enough of this game.

A lot of people trash talked Galaxies before it was even released, saying stuff like "It's over priced" and "It should have been on WiiWare". And having not played the game yet myself, I couldn't help but be worried that they were right and I had wasted my money when I bought the game on it's release date. But the Gamestop I bought it from said they only got two copies in stock, and the other stores I went to (Best Buy, Toys R Us, Target) didn't get any at all. So I thought I better buy the game now, as I may not get a chance in the future.

I highly suggest you do the same and buy this title before it goes the way of the Dodo.

Galaxies offers so much more than the original Geometry Wars, but does so without compromising the games original spirit. It doesn't try to turn Geometry Wars into a "normal" game by adding bosses, a story, etc. But like Tetris and other high score, skill based games, the fact that it's is so loosely structured makes Galaxies endlessly entertaining.

There are assist drones to power up, tons of galaxies and planets to unlock, 2 player co-op, and of course online leaderboards to give the game some sort term goals to reach for. But like Mario Galaxy, there is a sense of wanting to play "just one more level" after ever planet or galaxy you beat. The short terms goals are nice, but the real fun is just the act of playing the game. It's not the destination, but the journey.

The amount of action on screen rivals any other shooter I've ever played. Radiant Silvergun, Ikagura, all pale in the face of Geometry Wars Galaxies. And there is seemingly endless types of enemies and levels to play it. All the enemies have unique attack patterns, so learning to take on each one is a skill onto itself. Also, the games various levels offer multitude of unique challenges. Some are filled with mines, some with suffer attacks from "meteor showers", others have a black hole in there center constantly pulling you and your enemies towards it. No level in Geometry Wars Galaxies is quite like another. Get sick of playing one, and you can alwasy take on the next. And each has their own leaderboard, so just because you suck at one planet doesn't mean you can't become the world champion of the next.

The Wii-Remote/Nunchuck controls actually work. I prefer the classic controller over all, but that's just because I've been playing games with that set up for a long time. I don't feel overly handicapped when playing with the controllers all Wii's come equipped with. So don't try to use the "But I don't have a classic controller, so I aint buying it" excuse on me.

If you liked, but didn't love Geometry Wars: Retro Evolved (as I didn't), I highly recommend giving Galaxies a try. More so, if you have ever loved a simple video game where hand/eye coordination and fasted paced strategy was all you needed to play and a high score is all you wanted to achieve (games like Pac-Man, Tetris, Asteroids, Snood, and Defender) then you may also love Galaxies.

All the other end of the year Wii games, even Mario Galaxy, will be collecting dust on my shelf after I play through the story and see all the levels, etc. But Galaxies will be taking up my time for months, maybe years. That's more than worth the $40 cost of admission.

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