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Japanese hardware/software sales for last week... WTF? (part 2)

Japan is all fucked up, and I love it. Last week the 360 out sold the PS3 due to the release Ace Combat 6. To me that makes absolutely no sense, yet it is awesome.

This week, it's a game called "Musou" is pushing the PS3 ahead of the Wii and the PSP.

What the fuck is "Musou", you ask? I'll do some Mattlocking to be sure, but I think it's Dynasty Warriors. Sterling must be creaming and crapping in his pants simultaneously right now.

I hope next week a Musou/Final Fantasy/Metal Gear/Ace Combat crossover is released for the Dreamcast so that system can sell 100,000 units.

Anyway, here is the unconfirmed loose estimates of how stuff sold in Japan last week.

DSL 82000
PS3 56000
PSP 55000
Wii 35000
PS2 9400
360 7000

1.Mario Party DS 242000
2.Musou PS3 176000
3.Super Mario Galaxy 78000 (335000)
4.Musou360 27000
5.Final Fantasy Tactics A2 24000 (235000)
6.Castlevania PSP 20000
7.Wii Sports 18000 (2091000)
8.西村サス 16000(112000)
9.Wii Play 15000 (1648000)
10.Mario Kart DS 13000 (2528000)
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