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For serious, this is super important. L-Block is leading in the finals of Gamefaqs annual character battle, going head to head Link, Cloud, and Snake. L-Block needs to win this shit! A vote for L-Block is a vote for the end of retarded cha...


8-Bit Mega Man is back.

8-Bit doesn't die. As a visual style, 8-Bit graphics continue to mean something to gaming culture. I think of 8-bit graphics as the video game equivilant to cubism. It's a style that may have started from artists' inability to do "bette...


Last week's Japanese Software sales, WTF?

There is so much weird about this list, I don't even know where to start. No Wii or PS3 games on it AT ALL, but a 360 games makes it. And the PS2 sequel to a Dreamcast fish-man pet sim is #1. Here's the full list. 01. [PS2] Seaman 2 (S...


New Epic Smash Bros Brawl vids.

Ok, I admit it. I lurk Nintendo news sites. In fact, I now even "work" for one. And I hadn't seen any of these Smash Bros vids anywhere. I think this may be the first they have been shown anywhere other than Gametrailers. Zeke started it ...


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