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Brawl Demo's characters MEAN NOTHING

Hey everybody, just wanted to drop a gentle word about all the "hot buzz" surrounding the current Super Smash Bros Brawl demo being played in Japan/Frisco right now. A lot of you turkeys are thinking that the initially playable characters...


Mother 3 basics translation patch is OUT!

Ok, for those that don't know about Mother 3, it's the best turn based RPG you never played. It's where the latest entry to the Smash Bros Brawl roster got his start. It's a game that of 30,000 fans petitioned (and are still petiti...


Capcom Smash Fan Art: Am I teh nerdsiest?

Inspired by the fine work of Destructoid's own Mr Junko, I spent a few hours this Sunday composing this fan art of Capcom characters having a Smash Bros esque time. Remember, I wasn't paid to draw this, and therefore I stopped far before I...


Animal Crossing Scans: Wii? Smash Bros?

I guess this scan has been floating around for a few weeks, but no one seems to know what it means. Some say it's an interview with the producer of Animal Crossing where he mentions that their will be a Animal Crossing based character in Sm...


First Scans- Link's Crossbow training.

Here we go! Blurry, but fun, our first look at the Zelda series getting milked like a lactating Cambocian mother of four for the pleasure of a hungry Puffy Daddy parody. And here is a cut and paste of an info sheet on teh game I found o...


SeaMan 2

two thumbs way up If there is one game I want to play by all costs this year, it's SeaMan 2. If they get Nimoy back for another attack, that would only sweeten the deal. For those who don't know, SeaMan = Nintendogs + Evil + David Lynch o...


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