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Those who enjoyed Mass Effect, please R-E-A-D

I am a total whore for science fiction. I love to read sci fi, I love to play sci-fi games, see sci-fimovies, watch things on TV like Lexx and think about what might happen if any given scenario happened in real life (which is one of the re...


Meet and Greet post, rehashed.

Hey everyone. I am ‘new’ here, but have been reading Deetoid for about a year. I join to read, comment, *occasionally* post in the forums, and to have fun. I love this website. Contests would be nice to win too. About me: -Recent graduate...


Greetings toidbots

Hey everyone. New member. Have been a loyal D-toid fan for about a year now, and I figured it would be a good time to become involved. I'm not a huge fan of the blogging idea - the reason I've joined is to make commentary on posts when ap...


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