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Persona 4 contest prize ( or at least one thing from it )

So in the mail the other day I received the teddie plush thing, not quite sure what it's actual name is. I was quite thrilled to actually win something and to get it so soon. I can't wait for the rest, unless the rest actually came and the hoodlums in the neighborhood took it from me...grrrr.

Anyways, here I am thoroughly enjoying my prize. I think the Canadian flag that hangs on my door fits nicely with the rest of the picture : ).

With yet another plush to add to my strange collection, which right now is only three including this one. I am one step closer to having a dream team of toys which I will one day train to take over the world. Below you get to see the teddie plush sitting comfortably between my Vivi and Odie plush things.
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