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I should've never bought a PS3....

After somehow finding myself the proud owner of $600, being the nerd that I am, I went out and bought a PS3! Finally, I was able to experience the current generation of video games. I no longer had to scrounge through the used games at Gamestop, although that not to say that a lot of those games weren't great. So far I have purchased MGS4, CoD4, DMC4, Mirror's Edge, and SC4. All of this has truly made my life more interesting, as it gives me something to do besides playing Mister Mosquito over and over again, which is not a bad thing by any means. But this new fangled technology has also eaten my soul. Not good when you are starting another full semester in college, debating over whether to get my rank back up in CoD4 (because I didn't read what prestige mode does, dammit!) or to do my Environmental Science homework is a very difficult decision. The PS3 has also been responsible for taking my time away from everything else, including drawing, reading, socializing, etc. But I love it so much. When it told me that it needed access to the internet, probably to some secret information which Sony will use for global domination, I humbly purchased a $70 wireless router. I follow it's ever whim...

This is actually just a a rambling about blaming the PS3 for destroying my time management abilities, it makes me feel better about myself to blame an inanimate object : ). Now to whore myself off!

Because of this infernal machine I have only completed one drawing to date! The worst part is that most of it was finished before I bought the PS3, it sat around for a few days begging for me to finish it but I wouldn't listen. It wasn't a PS3.

Also before the purchase of what will now be referred to as the Soul Keeper, because that is just an awesome movie. I had also bought The Complete Works of Lewis Carroll. 1165 pages of goodness which has yet to be touched.

There have been some benefits though, more music listening has been happening to create a nice atmosphere for my online rampages, which actually just has me dieing...repeatedly, but that's not important! Peaches is the best companion to shooting people in CoD4, end of story.
Peaches- Teaches of Peaches

Steve Aoki - Pillowface and His Airplane Chronicles

Creature- No Sleep At All

These are my choices for online everything, completely sets the mood. Everyone should check into them!

Ok, I think I've written enough and I should have probably found some other time to do this besides in between CoD4 matches....time to shoot stuff! Rawr!
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