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Starting into the World of Warcraft

So, as a first post into the CBlog I wanted to express my undying love for World of Warcraft. It is without any regret that I recently started a character on a fellow Wowmate's account. At first I was skeptical, just trying to feel out the game as with anything else, but I felt like I needed more. This calling kept ringing in the back of my head saying, "Go...start a trial account." (Or maybe it was the peer pressure from friends.) Needless to say, my 11 day trial turned into a full blown account in which I fell in love with Blizzard all over again. Not since the days of Starcraft and the expansion Brood War have I loved Blizzard so much. Now, I am a level 11 gnome Warlock heading onto 12, still learning the WoW vocab, trying not to be such a n00b, controlling my addiction, and just having some fun learning new abilities. Most recently, I started tailoring and herbalism, because I am a clothy. I feel an astounding connection to a character with abilities, summons, and skills in which I would love to find myself having if I was into Larping or other fantasy role playing games.

So, to all my fellow Dtoiders - discovery can be wonderful, go try something new today, gaming will always be!
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