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The games that we play...

And by "We", I mean "I"... This was planned for a follow on from my introduction post, but alas, life caught up to me and began to punish me for thinking that I may be able to do something that I wanted to. Anyhow, this is not a rant or a...


anti-spore is anti-real...

Not real? Very quick one from me as am beating head against application deadlines for a job... According to Kotaku, the website that was mentioned is nothing more than an elaborate Rickroll... I think I agree with them ba...


The Chair of Ultimate Gaming...

I was planning something a bit different for today, but a comment at the bottom of my last blog got me thinking. Well, no, not really. I just want to defend my chair... The thing is, it sounds like crazy talk to any "normal" person and s...


Better late then never...

I will re-install preoper photediting software at some point Hell, it has only been close to two years that I have been reading this site and about a year since I began commenting, it is about time I got of my arse and joined in with the ...


Thank you Morrisons...

Follow on from here Got back from Morrisons about an hour ago and surprisingly, was a good boy. Could have spent so much morel... So yeah, now I'm in a pickle... Too many choices!! The games were identical to the photos in previous pos...


Cheap chart games...

Or so I am lead to believe. Here is the heads up at any rate with a couple of links. Some of you guys/gals out there will be aware of a great site called HotUKDeals, it is basically a long listing of deals happening online and in UK store...


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