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Rediscovering Mario

Itís easy to say that Mario is still a symbol of gaming as a whole. You see that trademark red cap, black moustache, and his big smile, and you instantly associate it with video games. And there was a time, not just for me, but nearly every...


Love/Hate: Guile

Yep, I know. This monthly musing is sooooo 2009. But that's how I roll, so don't hate, hater. What would develop for me into a love/hate relationship with Street Fighter II's Guile began, in fact, when Street Fighter II: Turbo came out for...


Uncharted 2: The Romance Factor

Author's Note: This post contains heavy, heavy spoilers for the Uncharted series. Uncharted wouldn't be what it is without a little romance. Sure, we signed up for guns, acrobatics, blowing up heavy artillery, and punching snow demons in t...


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