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Desperate times call for desperate measures...

Hello Destructoid Community. I've been meaning to start the blog at various parts over the past year, but haven't actually gotten around to it for some reason or another. I've been lurking and making stupid comments for a while now. (Check out the banner ^^^^ for the PSP God of War contest) My biggest hang-up has been what to write about. Sure, I could slap a review together for a game that is 2 months old with the best of them, but I just couldn't find the motivation.

However, the economy being what it is and the fact that I've been layed off, or for lack of better terms, fired from a good gig, I had to recently say goodbye to the newest member of my console family to make ends meet. I bought the Wii almost a year ago and I played it very sparingly. Needing money for the rent that is due this month, I've decided to send it to live with another family that can, hopefully, take better care of it.

So now, I'm in the job hunt with only a 360 and PC to keep me warm in the basking glow of a LCD TV at night. I listen to this song as much as possible for inspiration you may recognize it from the end credits of the classic comedy, Trading Places:

Fare Well, Yon Wii. I Hardly Knew Thee

This isn't the first time I've sold a Nintendo system and later regretted it. I did the same thing with the Gamecube, which I later bought again, so that I could play Resident Evil 4 during its launch. I'm getting the same feeling now. I'm betting I'm going to want to play games I no longer can even more than the ones that are readily available to me.

I've always regretted selling my Sega CD and the 14 games I had for it even though they were kind of crappy. Such is the lamentation of a desperate gamer who needs cash for rent.

Sorry for the not-so-sob story, but I'm sure there are others here who know this feeling.

Also, cocks.

What's next for me?

Two PC games you may have never played, but should have!
My thoughts on the future of MMA games
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